Kingston Railroad photos page.

Kingston was once and important railroad town. The Delaware Lackawanna and Western R.R. had a large yard here. Loaded coal cars from many local mines were brought here to be sent to Scranton in one big train. From there they were shipped all over the Northeast U.S.


D.L.&W. Passenger Station Kingston, PA.

D.L.&W. Roundhouse Kingston, PA.

D.L.&W. 2229 on turntable at Roundhouse Kingston, PA.

D.L.&W. 2230 along side the roundhouse Kingston, PA.

D.L.&W. 2204 sanding at the coal dock, Kingston, PA.

D.L.&W. 364 on one of the storage tracks off round-table at Kingston, PA roundhouse. Main Street in background.

D.L.&W. Camelback 826 on turntable with some of the roundhouse crew at Kingston, PA.

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