The names of the eight Piegan Indians who visited Carlisle on their way west from Washington last week are White Calf,
Little Plume. Little Dog, Four Horns, Running Crane;White Grass, Little Bear Chief,  and Brocky. Their Agent, Maj. Steele and Mr. Kipp, interpreter, were with them. At the last sociable they were out in full dress, the finest it has been our privilege to see. Eagle feathers, beads, porcupine-quills and human hair ornamented their buckskin shirts and leggings. The reluctance with which they owned that the hair was human, and taken from the head of an enemy, is a most encouraging sign of progress. The young chiefs claimed that the suits had belonged to their fathers. The Captain bought one of these suits for the school museum.
The chiefs wore citizens dress on ail other occasions. White Calf, who is the head chief of the tribe spoke briefly at the close of the sociable. He .rejoiced to see what the school was doing for his people and he believed the Almighty had placed Capt. Pratt here to help the Indians. Robert Hamilton interpreted in clear voice aud with sufficient force to be heard all over the spacious room, for which the audience was very grateful.

January 8, 1892 INDIAN HELPER

The Catholic meeting which was held in the music room last Sunday evening was a most successful and interesting one, judging by the large number of students who attended. The program consisted. of the following numbers: Cornet solo, Juan Herrera; select reading, John Farr; clarinet duet, James Sampson and Aloysius Cheuma; cornet solo, Robert Bruce; cornet and piano duet, Robert Bruce and Mary Pleets; recitation, Helen White Calf; trombone solo, Charles King; saxaph-one solo; Samuel Wilson. We were honored by the presence of Mother Drexel who expressed herself as well pleased by the display of so much musical talent. We were also favored by a visit from our matron, Miss Jennie Gaither.

January 27, 1911 ARROW

Among the many visitors at Carlisle during the past week we have been very glad to have with us some
full-blood lndians from the Blackfoot Reservation, Montana: Mr. Robt. Hamilton, Three Bears, Lazy
Boy, Medicine Owl, John White Calf, Fish Wolf Robe, Long Time Sleep, Fred Big Top, Mrs. John White Calf,
and Mrs. Medicine Owl.

April 4, 1913 ARROW