Photographs of all the Indian Chiefs that have visited the Indian Training School at Carlisle Barracks, also of children in native and school costumes.

34.  Hugh, son of Whirlwind Soldier, and grandson of Spotted Tail.
No. 55.                Father's Name.              Agency.
1. David,                  Blue Teeth,                 Rosebud.
2. Nathan,               Standing Cloud,                        "
3. Marshall,                   Bad Milk,                           "
4. Pollock,                  Spotted Tail,                         "
5. Hugh,               Whirlwind Soldier,                        "

Eadle Keatah Toh, April 1881 p. 4

   By private letter from the Cheyenne Ageincy we are informed of the arrival there of five boys recently returned on account of health, and that some of the boys are "tired of camp already and homesick for Carlisle." We are also informed that "a successful year of school work closed on the 30th June and the results were highly satisfactory." Agent Miles has over three hundred of his Cheyenne and Arapahoe children in boarding school, which although only about one fourth of the children under his care is yet a far greater proportion than any other agency can show. We note another very interesting statement in our letter. It is that "The condition of the President is the all absorbing topic of the day, even here on the plains, and among the Indians. Whirlwind, Little Robe, Raven and others are as anxious to see the daily bulletins from Reno as most of the whites and are as much rejoiced now that recovery is probable."

Eadle Keatah Toh, July, 1881 p.3

  The Carlisle Indian School has again to thank the Associated Press for some free advertising.  It has been announced through flaming headlines in the most prominent papers of the land that it was a Carlisle graduate by the name of Stanley, who murdered a sheep herder near the Tongue River Agency, Montana, the other day.  No Cheyenne by the name of Stanley or Little Whirlwind, as the Indian name appears in the papers, ever was a student of Carlisle.  We have some acquainted with Stanley.  One of them, a responsible boy of mature years, says that the Stanley referred to, went for a little while to the Catholic school at the Tongue River Agency, and that he served for a time in Company L, 8th Cavalry, commanded by Lieut. Francis C. Marshall.  He was dishonorably discharged in 1893, and has since been a worthless character on the reservation.

June 4, 1897 INDIAN HELPER

Michel Fisher. Jocko, Teamster, 420.
Jesse E. Hunter, Kiowa, Laborer, 480.
Henrr L. Bear, Pine Ridge. Laborer. 180.
Leonard Frog, Ft. Belknap, Laborer. 400.
Victor S. Bear, Ft. Belknap. Laborer, 400.
James Blackdog. Ft. Belknap. Laborer. 400.
George Marrow Bone, Pine Ridge, Laborer. 240.
Carl Sweezy. Cheyenne & Arapaho. Laborer, 300.
Gilbert W. Whirlwind, Pine Ridge, Laborer, 180.
Alan L. Owens, Mescalero. clerk, 840, from teacher, Sis-seton.
Hattie M. Miller, White Earth, teacher, 540. lrom Cooper’s Position.
Marion L. Devol. Santee. principal, 900, from Sac & Fox, Oklahoma.
Luther Cox, Western Navajo, Add’l. farmer. 65 mo. to La Pointe, Wis.
Marion L. Devol. Sac & Fox, Okla., tin. clerk, 1000, to Santee, Neb.
Arthur E. McFatridge. Umatilla. 5. & 5. DA., 1500, to Grand Ronde.
Elizabeth S. Cooper. White Earth, teacher, 600, from acting principal.
W. H. H. Benefiel, Ft. Apache, farmer, 72 mo. to supt. at Camp McDowell School.
Jennie Benetiel, Ft. Apache, hottsekeeper, 30 mo. to house-keeper. Camp McDawell School.
Nellie Morrison, Cheyenne & Arapaho, Janitor, 300.
Ernest Swallow. Cheyenne % Arapaho. Laborer, 300.
Francis Ireland, Standing Rock, Agcy., Janitor, 180.
Eveleen Rogers, ASY. Ins. Ind. Canton, Laborer, 360.
Alex Gilbert, Western Shoshone, Nev., Laborer, 360.
William Pryor, Pawhuska, Laborer. & Act. Intpr., 480.
Marie Helga Hansen. Asy. Ins. Ind. Canton. Laboer. 360.
William Hollenbeck Asy. Ins. Ind. Canton, Laborer, 480.
Henry L. Bear, Pine Ridge, 180.
Andy Boford, Otw, laborer. 280.
H. Little Crow, Otoe, laborer, ‘2.80.
Jesse E. Hunter, Kiowa, laborer. 480.
Jesus Crux, San Xavier, laborer. 360.
James Bush. Pine Ride, laborer. 460.
Taguntxohyn, San Carlos, laborer, 420.
Carl J. Schmidt, Blackfeet. Laborer. 480.
Joseph Scoot, Rosebud, Ast. Fanner. 120.
James Bockman, Pine Ridge, laborer. 360.
Louis Endres, Standing Rock, laborer, 360.
David B. Henderson, Tulalip, laborer, 720.
Adelbert D. Perry, Red Lake, laborer, 600.
George hi. Bone, Pine Ridge, laborer, 240.
Calvin Clinchers, Pine Ridge, laborer, 180.
Alfred F. Spring, Ft. Belknap. laborer. 500.
Francis Ireland, Standing Rock, janitor, 180.
James Black Dog, Ft Belknap. laborer. 400.
Henry Ten Fingers, Pine Ridge, laborer, 180.
William D. Murphy, Blackfeet. Laborer. 360.
Emile P. Herald. Standing Rock, janitor, 300.
Alex Gilberr, Western Shoshone. laborer, 360.
James Gray Blanket, Pine Ridge, laborer, 240.
Antoine Bordeaux, Rosebud. Asst. Fanner. 120.
John Casey, Chicago Warehouse. labxer, 60 mo.
George Demmarrias. Standing Rock, janitor, 300.
Gilbert W. Whirlwind, Pine Ridge, laborer, 180.
Charles Thunderhawk, Standing Rock, janitor. 300.
George Shoots at Close. Standing Rock, janitor. 180.
Maud Farrell. Crow Agency camp tender & cook, 60 mo.
Helga Marie Hansen, Asy. Ins. lnd., Canto”. laborer, 360.
Ellen Eagle Feather. Cheyenne River Agcy.. laborer, 140.


Jose M. Chavez, officer, 25 mo.. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Richard Rides at the Door, linerider, 480, Blackfeet, Montana.
Thomas Vielle, assistant mechanic, 480. Blackfeet, Montana.
James Hanassia, private, 20 mo., Camp McDowell, Arxona.
Baldwin Twins, night watchman, 360, Cantonment, Oklahoma.
Twister Littlejohn, night watchman, 30, Cherokee. N. C.
Moses Straight Head, chief of police, 25 .mo..Cheyenne River, S. D.
Gyrry Beagle, private, 20 mo., Cheyenne River
Sp$t;dI$bbit. private, 2i) mo., Cheyenne River
Chsyles Knife, private, 20 mo., Cheyenne River
JamesSwan, blacksmith, 366, Cheyenne River, S. D,
Cpks Bluehorse, judge, 84. Cheyenne River, 
Dyig.Corn, private, 20 mo.. Cheyenne River, 
Beautiful Bald Eagle. private, 20 mo., Cheyenne River, S. D.
Joseph Crow Feather, janitor, 360, Cheyenne River, S. D.
Philip Crow Feather, janitor, 360, Cheyenne River, S. D.
Julia Jones, laundress, 600, Chilocco. Okla.
Louis Luke, officer, 25:mo.. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Stanislaus Arapa. officer, 25 mo., Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Louis Mitchell, private, 2Omo., Coeur d’ Alene. Idaho.
Louis Mulcapsee, laborer & acting interpreter, 600, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Moses Lot, private, 2Omo.. Colville, Washington.
H;z;y Louis, private, 20mo.. Colville, Washing
Mrs. Adeline Gruette, laundress, 500, Crow Agency. Montana.
James Firecloud, asst:blk.. 360. Crow Creek, South Dakota.
Frank Black, private, 2Omo.. Crow Creek.South Dakota.
Frg-oT butcher, 480, Crow Creek, South
Henry Little Eagle, private, 20M., Crow Creek, South Dakota.
Lizzie Garrison, baker, 300, Cushman. Washington.
Jessie Bent, asst. seamstress, 300. Flandreau, South Dakota.
Eddie Bell, laborer, 600, Flathead, Montana.
Rivers Lavender, forest guard, 50mo., Fort Apache..Arisona.
Nettie Bauman. housekeeper, 3Omo.. Fort Belknap, Montana.
Peter Capture, judge, 84. Fort Belknap. Montana.
Lizard, judge, 84, Fort Belknap, Montana.
GeMgnsItzhnihan, herder, 400. Fort Belknap,
W&;;axnarly, herder, 480, Fort Belknap,
Henry Chopwood. private, 2Omo.. Fort Belknap, Montana.
Maria Barlesc. laundress, 300. Fort Bidwell.California.
Charles M. Tinsman,- physician, 480, Fort Bidwell, California.
Philip Williams, night watchman, 480. Fort Lapwai. Idaho.
JoI~a~oane, night watchman, 480. Fort Lapwai,
W;iEh;. Lemon, private, 20mo.. Fort Lapwai.
Johnnie Wasson, officer, 25mo., Fort McDer-mitt, Nevada.
Jordan Valley Charlie. private, 20mo., Fort McDermitt. Nev& ~ ~-
John Mail, asst. engineer, 400, Fort Peck, Montana.
Mary Schelling. housekeeper, 30M., Fort Peck, Montana.
Rosie L. Brocksmith. housekeeper, 30 mo..Fort Peck, Montana.
Albert Tetrault, asst. carpenter, 300, Fort Totten. North Dakota.
James Grant, teamster, 360. Fort Totten, North Dakota.
John C. Woods, private, 2Omo., Fort Totten.Norte Dakota.
Martin Strait, interpreter, 180. Fort Totten. North Dakota.
Cl;;;n~nt, assistant, 240. Fort Yuma. Cali-
Bessie H. Brown, asst. matron, 300. Hayward.Wisconsin.
George Latham, police officer, 26mo.. Hoopa, California.
Lucas G. Maria, private, 2Omo., Jicarilla.New Mexico.
James Wilber. nightwatch, 360. Keshena, Wisconsin.
Silas Johnson, forest guard, 900, Klamath, Oregon.
Fred Browneagle. night watchmanr246. Leech Lake, Minnesota.
Sylvester LaChapa. private. 20mn.. Mesa Grande, California.
Wlligin;xl. shoe & harness maker. 640, Moqui, 
Mary Cochhonka, assistant, 150, Moqui, Arizona.
John Lyon. interpreter, 200. Navajo Springs. Colorado,
John Lyon, interpreter, 200, Navajo Springs, Colorado.
MzloJrJ;o interpreter, 200, Navajo Springs, 
MaNUedyiaSpear, financral clerk, 600, Nevada.
WgEilyda Biscuit, private, 20mo.. Nevada,
Jane Harris. laundress, 400, Nevada.
Elizabeth J, Bisbee, assistant matron, 300, Nevada .
Jesse Cornelious, assistant, 360. Oneida. Wisconsin.
Duglaes T. Milam, asst. engineer, 540, Osage, Oklahoma,
Magaret Pappan. assistant cook, 300, Pawnee, Oklahoma.
Jose P. Zurita. assistant, 300. Phoenix, Ariz.
Joe Wolf, asst. tailor, 300, Phoenix, Arizona.
Jessie C. Morago. cook, 300, Phoenix, Arizona.
Lillie Macolas, assistant, 300. Pima. Arizona.
Johnson Azul, private, 20mo.. Pima, Arizona.
Elmore Red Eyes, watchman, 400, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Joseph Bissonette, private, 20mo.. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
James Crowe, private, 20mo.. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Robert Bad Wound, private. 20mo.. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
John P. LaDeaux,_asst. mech.. 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
‘Hettie E. Snyder, housekeeper, 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Rebecca Brigance, housekeeper, 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
John Whirlwind Horse, asst. engineer, 540, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Marshall Pretty Bull, private, 20mo., Pine Ridge, South Dakota:
Elizabeth Simeral, housekeeper, 300. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Mary Fast Thunder. housekeeper, 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Julian Whistler, private, ZOmo., Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
~Joseph Rooks, Jr-private. ZOmo., Pine Ridge, South Dakota:
Grace Cleason. asst. teacher. 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
James Galligo. watchman. 400, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Peter Bull Bear, assistant, 360, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
¶%oreG+Pow, assistant errgirmer; 540. Pine-Ridge. South Dakota.
Moses Bird Necklace. private, 20 mo., Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Johnson Scabby Face, private, 20 mo., Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Celia Auge. assistant, 300, Pipestone, Minnesota.
Paul Auge, nightwatchman, 300. Pipestone; Minnesota.
Ray S!tting, private, 20 mo., Red Lake, Minnesota.
Bazil Lawrence, private, 20 mo., Red Lake, Minnesota.
Kay-bay-gah-bow. private, 26 mo.. Red Lake, Minnesota.
Harrison Perry. Shoe & Harness, maker, 360, Rice Station, Arizona.
Frank Flannery, forest guard, 60 mo., Rose-bud. South Dakota.
Porcupine, private, 20 ma., Rosebud. South Dakota.
Black Mountain Sheep, private, 20 mo., Rosebud, South Dakota.
Elizabeth Dorian, Assistant, 360, Rosebud, South Dakota.
Fanny Greenwood, Assistant. 300, Rosebud, South Dakota
Charles Good Beaver. Private, 20 mo.. Rosebud, South Dakota.
Julian M. Journigan, Linerider. 780. San Carlos. Arizona,
George Johnson, Private, 20 mo.. San Carlos, Arizona.
Henry Telto, Private, 20 mo., San Carlos, Arizona.
Lee Baylie, Janitor, 300. San Carlos, Arizona.
Charles Ches chil le, Assistant, 400. San Juan. New Mexico.
Ramonocita Vigil, assistant, 15 mo., Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Geronimo Coppa, Asst. Engineer, 240, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Bertha E. Dickens, financial clerk, 660, Seger, Oklahoma.
Emma Truman, housekeeper, 300, Shivwits, Utah.
Grace Wasmund, field matron, 300. Shivwits, Utah.
Clotilda Silvas, housekeeper, 300. Sohoba, California.
Mrs. Big Moccasin, housekeeper, 30 mo., Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Ignatius Ironroad, asst. farmer, 300, Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Ignatius Carrier, private, 20 mo., Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Nellie Huff, housekeeper, 30 mo., Standing Rock, North Dakota.
George Lookingback, private. 20 mo., Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Robert Bruce, Laborer and Interpreter, 360, Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Claude K. Spotted, Interpreter, 360, Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Samuel Eagleboy, Janitor, 18 mo., Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Leo E. Griffin, Assistant Farmer, 300. Tomah. Wisconsin.
William Redberries, Private; 20 mo., Tongue River, Montana.
Samuel Littlesun, Private, 20 mo., Tongue River, Montana.
George 0. Piper, Linerider, 720, Tongue River, Montana.
George Veix, Stock Detective, 1000. Tongue River, Montana.
Dorothy H. Lick, ~Housekeeper. 30 mo.. Turtle Mountain, North Dakota.
Kate Mitchell, Housekeeper, 30 mo.. Turtle Mountain, North Dakota.
Weanako. Police Private, 20 ma., Umatilia.Oregon.
Botson Meely, Police Private, 20 mo., Union, Oklahoma.
Richard F. West, Police Private, 20mo.. Union, Oklahoma.
George B.Rennie. Appraiser,12CK), Union, Oklahoma.
Ed. Anderson, Private, 20 mo., Upper Lake, California.
Joe Papaluit. Nightwatchman. 300, Warm Springs, Oregon.
Lillie Kuckup,InterpreCer.. 100, Warm Springs, Oregon.
Joe Sims. Herder, 60% Western Shoshone. Nevada.
John W. Stanley. Private, 20 mo.. White Earth. Minn.
Louis Beauchamp. Assistant Carp., 480. White Earth, Minn.
Elizabeth L. Atkinson. housekpr, 300, White Earth, Minn.
Ida Marks, housekpr. 300. White Earth, Minn.
Homer H. Johnson, physician, 6On, Winnebago, Nebr.
Joseph Twohearts, Baker, 300, Yakima, Wash.
Lola Damron, housekpr., 25 mb., Mesa Grande. Cal.
Shobid Hunter, judge. 84, Neah Bay, Wash.
Samuel Lapoint, addl. farmer. 780. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Delia Cadotte, Laundress, 420, Southern Ute, Colorado.
Algishqagley, nightwatchman, 500, Tulalip.
Gezayh.C. Jones, asst. engineer. 6m. Tulalip,
Lurinda H. V. Shelton, baker, 300. Tulalip. Washington.
Charles Sam, private, 2Omo., Tulalip, Wash.
Mary T. Philipson. Housekeeper, 3OMo.. Albuquerque. N. M.
Clara McFatridge. Financial Clerk, 720. BlackFeet, Montana.
Oscar Boyd, Laborer, 360, Blackfeet. Montana.
Albert Whiteshield, Nightwatehman, 360.Cantonment, Oklahoma
Thomas J. Smith, Nightwatchman, Cherokee. North Carolina.
John Youngbull. Asst. Farmer. 300. Cheyenne and Arapaho. Oklahoma.
Lucinda C. D. Sears. Cook, 540, Cheyenne, River, South Dakota.
In the Woods, Private, 20Mo.. Cheyenne Ri-ver, South Dakota.
Sam Herald, Assistant Farmer, 366, Cheyenne River. South Dakota.
Joseph Cuts Half, Private, 20Mo.. Cheyenne River, South Dakota.
Daniel White Thunder, Private, 20Mo.. Che-yenne River, South Dakota.
Moses High Elk, Private, 30Mo.. Cheyenne River, South Dakota.
Julia Jones, Asst. Seam., 300, Chilocco, Okla.
Louis Mulcapsee. Laborer and Acting Inter-preter, 600. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Louis Mitchell, Private. 20Mo.. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Louis Luke, Officer, 25Mo.. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
Stanislaus Arapa. Oflicer, 25Mo.. Coeur d’ Alene. Idaho.
Jcromc Pascal, Private, 2DMo.. Colville. Wash-ington.
I.eo Spurgeon. _ Forest Guard, 900. Colville. Washington.
Charles S. Henderson, Forest Guard, 900. Colville, Washington.
Fred McCoy. forest guard, 900. Colvillc. Wash.
Albert McCoy, Forest Guard, 900, Colville.Washington.
Robert McCoy, Forest Guard, 960. Colville, Washington.
H.‘Y. Leese, Forest Guard, 900. Colvillei Washington.
J. R. Sanders, Forest, Guard, 900, Colville. Washington.
H. D. Bacon, Forest Guard, 900. Colville. Washington.
Isaac Yellowteeth, Private, 2OMo.. Crow Creek, South Dakota.
With Horn, Private,20Mo., Crew Creek, South Dakota.
Minnie Cawker. Baker, 300, Cushman, Washington.
Andrew Bigorane. Private. 20Mo.. Flathead, Montana.
Eddie Bell, Laborer, 600, Flathead. Montana.
Joe Wilson, private, 20Mo.. Flat Head, Mont.
Eneas Finley, Private, 20Mo.. Flathead, Mont.
Eddie Bell, Forest Guard, 75Mo., Flathead.Montana.
M. J. Garrett, Forest Guard, 75Mo., Flathead, Montana.
Earl Van de Bogart, Forest Guard, 75Mo.Flathead. Montana.
Eliza Schwank. Housekeeper. 300, Fond du Lac, Minnesota.
Skunk, Judge. 84. Fort Belknap, Montana.
Big Hawk Boy. Herder, 400, Fort Belknap Montana.
Charlie Sebastian, Herder, 480. Fort Belknap, Montana.
Has the Eagle, Private, 2lIMo., Fort Belknap, Montana.
Birds Bill, -Private. 2OMn., Fort Berthold, North Dakota.
Susie Louis, laundress, 306, Fort Bidwell, Cal.
Jol~a~oane. nightwatchman. 420, Fort Lapwai,
Philip Williams, nightwatchman, 420. Fort Lapwai, Idaho.
Lulu White, cook. 600, Fort Mojave. Arizona.
Charles Jones, assistant mech., 240, Fort Peck, Montana.
Bessie A. Demaree. housekeeper, SOMo., Fort Peck, Montana.
Nellie K. Myers, housekeeper, ‘30Mo., Fort Peck, Montana.
AIDykz;wton, nurse. 600. Fort%z&en+ortl~
Michael Cijan, teamster, 360. Fort Totten, North Dakota,
Peter Otaapena. private, 2OMo.. Fort Totten, North Dakota.
Robert Bruce, interpreter, 180, Fort Totten, North Dakota.
Solonion Morin. asst. carpenter, 300, Fort Totten, North Dakota.
Oscar Brown, police officer, 25Mo., Hoopa Valley, California.
John Spencer. judge, 84. Hoopa Valley, Cal.
Amos Smoker, Apprentice, 240. Hoopa Valley, California.
Agapito Baltazar, forest guard, 75Mo.. Jicaril-la, New Mexico.
Victor L. Monarca. forest guard, 25Mo., Jic-arilla. New Mexico.
Reuben Springer Quintana. forest guard, 25Mo.. Jicarilla, New Mexico.
Demarcio L. Monarca, forest guard, 25Mo., Jicarilla. New Mexico.
Gr;escFigil. private, 2OMo.. Jicarilla. New 
John L. Levalo. private, 2OMo.. Jicarilla, New Mexico.
Perfealar Tafoya, private.~ 2OMo.. Jicarilla, New Mexico.
Thos. H. Thurman, forest guard. 900. Klamath, Oregon.
Hbzgotregg. forest guard. IK)O. Klamath, 
Ch;;kfi.GreaK. forest guard, !m. Klamath,
Ellis M. Clark, forest guard, 900. Klamath, Oregon.
Jogh;eg.nCox. forest guard, 600, Klamath.
Thos. R. Miles, forest guard, 906, Klamath Oregon.
R. Treat Johnson, forest guard, 900, Klamath, Oregon.
Silas Johnson, forest guard, 900, Klamath, Oregon.
James W. Robertson, disciplinarian. 600, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.
Leandro Amago, forest guard, ‘75Mo., La Jolla, California.
Joseph Isaacs, laborer, 546, Leupp, Arizona.
Charley Crow Necklace, laborer and Acting Interpreter, 360, Lower Brule, South Dakota.
Obed N. Thunder, asst. mechanic, 240, Lower Brule, South Dekota.
Little Mike, engineer, 15Mo., Martinez, Cal.
Lola Damron, housekeeper, 25Mo., Mesa Grande, California,
Margaret F. Brisbois, Financial Clerk, 600, Navajo, Arizona,
Frank N. Peshlakai, additional farmer, 360, Navajo, Arizona.
Charles Honah Conah. forest guard. 5OMo.Navajo, Arizona.
John Lyon, interpreter, 200, Navajo Springs, Colorado.
Mark N. Powless, assistant, 360. Oneida, Wis.
Marv Locklev. assistant cook. 306. Pawnee. Oklahoma,”
Elmore Red Eyes, watchman, 400. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Fred C. Grass, private, 20M.. Pine Ridge, S. D.
Robert Two Elks, private, 20M.. Pine Ridge.S. D.
Jesse Brown Cloud, assistant, 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
John Whirlwind Horse, asst. engineer, 540. Pine Ridge, S. D.
Harry Eagle Bull, wheelwright, 300, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Lambert Hat, private, 20M., Pine Ridge, S. D.

February 24, 1911 ARROW


Suppose that an inhabitant from another world had landed in this world on the field of Gettysburg during the second day of that historic battle.
Shells shrieking overhead, and then scattering death on all sides; rifle balls pouring their leaden rain into the wavering ranks of human beings,
and mowing them down like grass before a hail storm.; men on horseback; and upon foot, hacking and stabbing each other with sword and
bayonet; cannon booming a veritable holocaust of suffering and death over hill and valley, and all the bloodstained earth covered with wounded, dying and dead men, the wounded, maimed and shattered shrieking in the agony of death, the dead disfigured beyond all resemblance to anything human.

What would this celestial visitor think these beings were? Would he not. say, when he returned to his homeland, “The inhabitants of the
earth are cruel, savage, blood-thirsty demons. ” And, would he not be justified in reaching such a conclusion from such a viewpoint? And
yet, these men who were hacking, maiming;, disfiguring, killing each other were perhaps the kindest, the most sympathetic and tender-hearted
fathers, or husbands, or sons, when they were in their natural and normal condition in their regular home life. And, strange as it may seem,
many of them no doubt were believers in and followers of the Prince of Peace.

Or, take another illustration: Suppose that this celestial visitor had come down to the earth on that fearful December 29, 1890, at Wounded
Knee, when the white man was dealing with the red man according to the white man's methods. But let me quote: “At the first volley the
Hotchkiss guns trained on the camp opened fire and sent a storm of shot .and bullets among the women and children, who had gathered in front of the tipis to watch the unusual spectacle of military display. The guns poured in two pound explosive shells at the rate of nearly fifty per minute, mowing down 1 everything alive. The terrible effect may be judged from the fact that one woman survived, Blue Whirlwind, with whom the author conversed. She received fourteen wounds, while each of her two little boys were also wounded at her side. In a few minutes 200 Indian men, women and children, with sixty soldiers, were lying dead and wounded on the ground. There can be no question that the pursuit was simply a massacre, where fleeing women, with infants in their arms, were shot down after resistance had ceased and when almost every warrior was stretched dead or dying on the ground. On New Year's Day, 1891, three days after the battle, a detachment of troops was sent out to Wounded Knee to gather up and bury the dead Indians and to bring in the wounded who might be still alive on the field. In the meantime there had been a heavy snowstorm, culminating in a blizzard. The bodies of the slaughtered men, women and children were found lying about under the snow, frozen stiff and covered with blood. A number of women and children were found still alive, but all badly wounded or frozen or both, and most of them died after being brought in. Four babies were found alive under the snow, wrapped in shawls and lying beside their dead mothers, whose last thought had been of them. They were all badly frozen and only one lived.” (Fourteenth Annual Report, B. A. E., Smithsonian Institution, 876, 1896).

What would be the opinion of this celestial visitor of the white man from this viewpoint? Would he not be perfectly justified in saying, “The
white man is a heartless savage who slays women and children with big guns; he leaves the wounded women and their helpless babes to suffer and die without paying them the slightest attention?

Many people have grown accustomed to the statement, often written history and pictured in works of fiction, that the American Indian
is cruel, savage, and blood-thirsty. The red man was so thought of by all of the frontiersmen.

It is not strange that the white man has never thought that, if it is proper to judge the red man by what he did in times of war, it is just as
proper to judge the white man by what he does when he is just as truly on the “war path.” If we take the same viewpoint of the white man
that we do of the red man, we have nothing to boast of, when it is a question of cruelty. Savagery and cruelty and bloodthirstiness are not
things which are confined to any one race, Why is it that we look at such incidents of cruelty and savagery, when they are committed by the
red man, from such a different viewpoint than we do when we look at the same sort of incidents if they are committed by the white man.

Another tendency, which we say shows the real savage nature of the Indian, is that the red man, no matter how much he is trained or educated, will. when occasion demands it, go back to the “blanket and warpath.” Do we forget the same tendency in the white man? There were men in the Civil War, even in the Spanish-American war, who had been ‘educated away from savagery and barbarism for centuries, whose fathers and grandfathers were cultured, educated Christian men before them, for generations; and yet these men went out on the “war path” to wound and .to kill, just as truly as any Apache or Sioux who ever donned his “war paint” (his uniform) to go out to slay his enemy: Have we not read of men who had been trained and educated for the ministry of the man of Galilee, who have gone on the “war path” with sword and gun to wound and to slay, just as truly as any Shawnee warrior who left his village with rifle. and scalping knife to go on the trail for his foes? Have we not heard of ministers of Jesus who have been called “Fighting Parsons” because of their prowess upon the field of battle?

Why is it, then, that we single out the “Carlisle student” who attended the Sioux ghost dance in 1890, and say, “There is what an education is
worth to an Indian. See, he goes right back to the savagery in which he was trained ” and forget entirely that the “Fighting Parson” with centuries of civilized blood in his veins, is just as much of a reversion to savagery as the Indian is?

March 14, 1913 ARROW

Daniel C. Whirlwind writes from his present address, Wood, S. Dak., that he is farming and raising stock; .and "I always think of dear old Carlisle. My best wishes to you all. I will visit Carlisle some day."

May 29, 1914 ARROW