Among the newly arrived students
are E 1 e an o r Wyrick, Josephine
Skenandore, Mina Hicks, and Mae
Hicks, from Wisconsin. Other new
arrivals are Bessie Tallbear, Lillian
Parkhurst, N e t t i e John, Fannie
Silas, and Alice Schuyler.

October 16, 1914 ARROW

The two highest in room No. 7 for
November were Bessie Tallbear and
William Mountain.

December 18, 1914 ARROW

Because of exceptionally good
work, together with satisfactory
conduct, Joseph Delorrimerhas been
promoted from the Primary Depart-ment
toRoom 4; George Clifford and
Silas White have been promoted
from the Primary Department to
Room 49; Milton Brave, Robert Hill,
Jacob Herman, and Lenora Logan
have been advanced from Room 6 t
Room 7; and Bessie Tallbear, Julia
Day, and William Mountain have
moved up from Room 7 to Room 8.

January 8, 1915 ARROW

Colony Courier, May 19,1910.

Jos. Black Wolf of Canton and his brother Wauchope Tall Bear of Clinton were at Seger Agency one day last week on business regarding their land.
Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Coll. Newspaper Inklings, Copyright (c) 2003.