32826/1926/Seger Agency/350----One Hill Testimony re: to Standing In Water(husband). Married by Indian Custom 54 years ago. Was only marriage for One Hill. Had 5 children and only 2 reached maturity. Standing In Water also married to Taking Off Dress. Lived with both at same
time but seperated from Taking Off Dress a good many years ago. 2 children and only 1 reached maturity. Taking Off Dress married three times--(1) David Pendelton, seperated before allotments. (2) Standing In Water, seperated about 1902.(3) White Wolf, married about 1902. 1 son survives and 2 died.
Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.
Watonga Republican Newspaper, May 12, 1921, Thursday.
The C&A council held a meeting at Watonga, Okla., on Friday last. A struggle occurred between the younger educated leaders and the older, traditional leaders.
The council decided to go to Washington and present tribal claims to the Black Hills (South Dakota), which was signed away years ago without tribal authorization.
Temporary Chairman--Grant Left Hand but lapsed into Cheyenne quickly and the Arapahoes quickly found an interpreter.
President- Robert Burns- Concho
Vice- Pres.- Henry Rowlodge-Greenfield
Sec.-Jesse Rowlodge- Geary
Treas.- Ed Shield- Calumet
Delegates. Watonga--Deforest Antelope, Magpie, Little Hand, George Rearing Bull; Fay-- Turkey Legs and Chas, Starr; Concho--Robert Burns and Ed Shields; Calumet-- Mack Haag and Wm. Curtis; Geary--Jesse Rowlodge, Hail and Bird Chief; Clinton-- Alfrich Heap of Birds; Colony--Alfred Wilson and Left hand; Hammon-- Standing Water and Howling Water, Cantonment-- Ernie Black, White Wolf and Geo. Curtis; Carlton and Canton-- Henry Lincoln, Joe Williams, Frank Harrington, Little Raven, White Shirt, Bringing Good and Rabbit Run, Kingfisher-- Sampson Kelly, Sore Head, Henry Starr and John Block.

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Letter to Carl Cox, Indian Agent, Colony, Okla., from Barbara Baily, Teacher in Clinton, Oklahoma, Public Schools, Oct. 20, 1923.
Complains that certain Indians in her class are ruining her attendance record. John Bearshield, Ruby Bearshield, Agnes Stoneroad, Clarence Stoneroad, Pratt Standing Water and Wilbur Standing Bird. Rain may be cause of lack of attendance but they are prone to stay out for other reasons or other causes. John and Wilbur are absent for non-essential reasons and are very irregular. Asks Agent to see them and help make the following week perfect attendance week. /S/ Barbara Bailey.

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