Skenandore, Schenandoah, Schanadore, etc.  (Oneida) and spouses

SCHANDORE, Alonzo (Oneida)
arrived 3/23/1888 --d ept 7/16/1892 -- ran away
aged 15 yrs 67"
parents; father d; motehr living; listed c/- of grandfather: Eli
entered grade 1
died 7/31/1894

SCHANDORE, Jenoson (Oneida)
arruved 9/28/1888 -- dept 3/19/1891 ran away 3/1/1891
aged 15; 66" 127 lbs
prarents lving: father joseph
blood ?
36 moths previous school
1910 : Oneida, WIsc farmingin

Schandore, Edwin (oneida)
arrived 11/07/1885 -- dept 7/16/1892 -- govt employee;
aged 18' 72' 156;lbs
blood full
parents livng; Father daniel
graduated calss of 1889; asst disciplinarian and baker
photo of him in NARA (RG 75 1327. file 5240
1907  divorced. living in Alburqueque, where is discipo and
was baker and band master at Cherokee NC for 2 yrs, Carson City
as band master
1917: Flandreau

Schandore, Ida (oneida)
arrived 9/28/1888 -- dept 7/4/1893  eye trouble
aged 16
parents living? fatehr Jacob?

Schandore, Jemima (oneida)
arruved 8.28.1897 -- dept 10/11/03
age ?
parents: father Peter

Schandore, Lena (oneida)
arrived 8/23/1898 -- dept 4/8/02  sick
blood full
aged 14
father: Jacob

Schandore, Louise (oneida)
arrived 3/23/1888 -- dept 5/13/1889  sick
aged 13
parents; F -- Solomon

Schandore, Lucia (oneida)
arrived 9/19/1895 -- dept 7/1/1
aged 12; 60" 88lbs
parentsa: F -- Johnson living; mother:dec'd
50 months previous schooling; dept grade 7
married Edward Elm n[not CIIS}
1910 W DePere

Schandore, Nancy (Oneida)
arrived 9/29/1894 -- dept 2/24/1896  sick
aged 19
blood; mixed
parents: father: John

Schandore, Phebe (Oneida)
arrived 6/28/1895 -- dept 10/08/04 (readmitted 12/16/00) weak eyes
aged 12; 54"
parents: living; father -- Joseph
blood full
married Chester J Cornelius, W Depere. 1913 -- W Depere

Corneluius, Chester (Oneida)
arrived 9/30/1885; dept 2/06 1891
Oneida; full blood
age 17; 73" 173lbs
parents: living; father AP Cornelius; mother?
47 mths previous school; involved in YMCA at CIIS; 1910 Green
bay WIs realtor]

Schanondore, Alicia (oneida)
arrived 6/30/1888 -- dept 10/29/1891
aged 16
died: 6/27/1894

Schanondore, Electa (Oneida)
arrived 3/23/1888  -- dept 7/04/1893
aged 14
parents: father Solomon   [see above Barb, there is another one like this]
blood unknown
died 9/15/00
Electa Schanandoah sent some subscriptions this week from her farm home.

September 21, 1888 INDIAN HELPER

Schenandore, Electa (Oneida)
arrived 8/28/1897 --d ept 6/27/00
aged 14; full blood
father: Jacob
Dr. Josiah Powlas, an Oneida and a graduate of the Class 1891. after leaving Carlisle worked his way
through the Milwaukee Medical College. He married before he finished his course but continued his studies and received his diploma. He has been practising his profession ever since, mostly among his own people, and at the present time is Agency Physician and in charge of the Mission Hospital
at Oneida. Aside from his influence as a physician, he is a man respected and honored among his people, having only lately been elected chairman in his township. Dr. Powlas married Electa Schenandore. a Carlisle girl. They live with their two lovely daughters, aged thirteen and nine years,
in the Mission Hospital. Mrs. Powlas is a splendid housekeeper, as are most Carlisle girls who have had the advantage of the Outing. That Dr. and Mrs. Powlas are ideal parents, is shown by the behavior and deportment of their little girls.

January 1911 RED MAN

Electa Skenandore, who was at Carlisle in 1886, is very comfortbly situated on a farm near Oneida, Wisconsin. After leaving Carlisle she attended the Normal School at Hampton, Va. She has at various
times been employed in the Indian Service as cook, seamstress and laundress. Mrs. Skenandore was
married in 1895 and has an interesting family of seven children five of whom are attending school. Her
husband is a successful farmer. 

February 17, 1911 ARROW

Schenandoah, Leila (Oneida)
arrived 9/11/03 -- dept 6/23/08
aged 14; 65" 108lbs
blood 1/4
parents: living: father Jacob
50 months previous schooling
1912: W Depere

Schenandoah, Sadie (Jane) Oneida
arrived 9/19./1895  dept 7/1/1
aged 14; 63" 105 lbs
blood full
poarents father living: Johnson; mother dec'd  [barb; sib is
40 months previous schooling
married Mitchell Stevens (not CIIS)
. 1911 living in W Depere, near mother in law.
writes 6/4/11 "I was glad to hear fro you and knowing
that I am remembered by dear old school of Carlisle. Often thinking
of old Carlisle I get lonesome to see it again. I certainly
used to like to go to school at Carlisle. I used to think it was
like home, how happy I used to be while being there. I was treaed
well all around."

Schenandoah, William Thomas (Oneida)
arrived 3/23/1888 dept 5/18/1896  at parents request
aged 12; 62" 128lbs
full blood
parents: father living Jacob; mother living
married Lippa Metoxen (not CIIS); living in W DEeprere, playing
1911 joins Navy
at Hampton for one year in 1904


Schenandore, Elise (Oneida)
arrived 9/07/06   dept 6/13/07  needed at home mother blind
aged 20; 67" 120 lbs
full blood
parents livng: father Joseph, mother mary
Oneida school: 5 yrs
1912: housekeeping for folks in W Deprere

Schenandore, Lily (Oneida)
arrived 7/08/1891   dept 7/6/1897
age 14; blood full
paretns : father Jacob A

Schenandore, Louis (Oneida)
arrived 9/26/14  -- dept 6/12/17
aged 16 (DOB 2/03/1898)
full blood
parents: living; Father Thomas D; mother Kate
Tomah school 1908-14

Schenandore, Whitney (Oneida)
arrived 11/28/07 -- dept 12/29/10; 12/1/11-6/8/14
aged 15; blood full
parents: father Peter mother Electa
Oneida Brdg 60 mths
1911 W Depere

Skanadore, Absalom (Oneida)
arrived 9/19/1895  dept 7/03/02; 9/5/02-12/31/02 -- ran away
aged 13; 65" 88lbs
1/2 blood
parents: father d (Jacob?) ; mother Elizabeth
50 mths previous schooling
married Flossie Hill (grad Flandreau Indian School). Living in
W Depre farmer. was in indian service 2 yrs as farmer and fireman

Skanadore, Elsie (Oneida)
arrived 8/.23.1898    dept 6/23/04
aged 13; 63" 97 lbs
parents: father Jacob A; motehr living?>
40 mths schol

Skanadore, Darias (Oneida)
arrived 9/13/05   dept 6/22/10; 11/18/10-6/16/13
aged 13; 56" 81 lbs
blood full
parents; died in accident ? m: sarah livng
dept 5ht grade -- wagon maker
keshena brdg 1902-05
1 sis living; 2 bros dead in 1905

Skanadore, Josephine (Oneida)
arrived 9/26/14   dept 6/11/17
aged 14 (DOB 8/6/00)
parent living; father thomas A 3/4; mother Kate 3/4
blood 3/4
Tomah Wis school: 1910-14 3rd grade
wrote lots of letter to boy, they are still on file in NARA (rg 75,
1327 folder

Skenandore, Ami (male) Oneida
arrived 10/23/12; dpet 9/30/14
full blood
parents living: father -- Elijah; mother Mary
address: W DePere
aged 18; 67" 130 lbs
ran away
previously at aschool: Oneida brdy 1904-08; Flandreau 1908-11

Skenandore, Annie (Oneida)
arrived 11/22/13; dept 4/27/16 (three year term(
aged 17 (DOB: 7/9/1896)
3/4 blolod
parents: lving: father: Elijah; mother Mary (3/4)
previous school" Oneida brdg 1903-13
married Edwin Cornelius *(2/11/18), living in W DePere. sent
a piece of wedding cake to Nellie Roberston Denny

Cornelius, Edwin (Oneida)
arrived 9/16/10 -- dept 10/10/16
aged 15 65" 127 lbs
full blood
parents: father dec'd -- Wm O; mother living -- Esther
previous schooling: Oneida Brdg 1904-06; day school 1906-10
as of 1915: mother was 60 yrs, 3 bros 38, 32, 27 and 2 sis 30,18
living.] Married Annie

Skenandore, Harry (Oneida)
arrived 10/23/12 -- dept 10/2/13 termination of leave
aged 20 (DOB 1/10/1892) 66" 134 lbs
3/4 blood
parents: Elijah and mary
previous school: Oneida brdg 1900-08
Flandreay 1908-11
has 5 bors and 5 sis living as of 1912.
1914 living in W DePere

Skenandore, Baptiste (Oneida)
arruved: 7/08/1891; dept 6/02/1892 sick
aged 15; 67"
parents: father living -- Dennison; mother dec'd
1911: living in W DePere, carpenter

Skenandore, Ben (Oneida)
arrived 1/4/13 --d ept 7/29/16  -- married (don't knwo to whom)
aged 20 (DOB 6/24/1893)
paretns living: father -- Joshua 3/4; mother Christeen 3/4
blood : 3/4
Oneida brdg 1900-08
Flandrea 1908-11
was also at Ford Factory program
do not know who he married.

Skenandore, Dorchester (Duncheatuea) (Oneida)
arrived 6/29/00-dept 7/20/01 -- mother's request
aged 11; 58"; 87lbs
full blood
parents: living; father Isaac.
entered grade 4; dept 5
lots of corresp on file.
at Flandreau Indian school in 1907.
both parents dec'd by 1911; working as travelling salesman
1912: working in mill at Bowler Wis

Skenandore, Eli (Oneida)
arrived 9/7/05-dept 7/02/07
full blood
aged 15; 66" 131lbs
parents living; father Peter mother Eliza Wheelock (!!!!)
Oneida Rez School and Oneida Brd;
entered grad 3;

Skenandore, Elizabeth (Oneida)
arrived 9/15/15-- dept 8/28/18;' school closed
3/4 bllod
aged 15 (dob 9/28/00)
parents living: father Thomas 3/4; mother Zippa 3/4
6yrs previous school: Tomah 1908-14; public school 1914-15

Skenandore, Hilton (Oneida)
arrived 10/23/12 -- dept 6/12/17
3/4 blood
aged 14 (DOB 6/21/1898) 64" and 114 l;bs
parents living: thomas A and mother zippa
previous schools" Lac Du Flambau 1905-08; Tomah 1908-11

Skenandore, Foster (Oneida)
arrived -- sometime in 1899; and reenrolled: 9/14/05-dept 6/24/08
full blood
agged 19; 66" 135 lbs
parents: fatehr Thomas D; living -- Motehr dec'd
ran away 8/9/06
1910: W DePere farmer

Skenandore, Fred (Oneida)
arrived 11/.05/08-dept 6/16/13; reenrolled: 11/08/13-1/02/17
full blood
aged 15 (DOB 1/8/1895) 63" 101lbs
parents: father dec'd step father: Jamison metoxen; mother Ida
ran away 1/3/12-4/14/12; 7/14/14-8/2/14
previous school: Oneida brdg 1900-08?
was at Ford Factory: 1915-1917
1918: in army with Field Hospital Co 40

Skenandore, Jacob (oneida)
arrived 11/5/15  dept 10/19/16 -- ran away (9/27/16)
aged 19
parents unknown
previous school 63 months
3/4 blood

Skenandore, Jemison (Oneida)
arrived 11/07/1885; dept 11/17/1892
aged 19; 68" 145 lbs
full blood
parent sliving; father -- Henry?
1911: is married to Rosa Metoxen. farming own land in W Depere.
writes in 1911 :I never got no other letter from you before.
This is the first letter I have rec'd. I am glad the school
still remembers me yet. ... Often times I wish I could see
the old school place again, the place I went to school. I never
forget the Carlisle School."

Metoxen, Rosa (Oneida)
arrived 6/22/1888 -- dept 7/02/1891
aged 15; blood quotient unknown
parents unknown.
dept grade 4] married Jemison Skenandore (Oneida).

Skenandore, John  (Oneida)
arrived 12/16/00- dept 10/10/05
full blood
aged 19; 65" 142 lbs
parents lviing: father Peter?
previous schooling; entered grade 5; dept grade 7
married Lillian Archiquette (CIIS class of 1905)
1911 living in W DePere. farming

Archiquette, Lillian (Oneida)
arrived 9/19/1895 -- dept 3/25/05 graduate
aged 14; 62 " 92 lbs
full blood
father : Elijah archiquette; mother dec'd
80 montsh previous scholing
1917 living in Nenah WIsc.] Married John Skenandore

Skenandore, Madeline (Oneida)
arrived 9/03/17 dept 8/28/18 school closed
full blood
aged 15
prents living; father thomas
40 months previous schooling. stareted grade 6

Skenandore, Minnie  (Oneida)
arrived 6/29/00 -- dept 7/1/01
full blood
aged 17 62"
left at request of mother
parents living: father Joshua
married to Reuben Doxtator (Not CIIS). Wittenbery Wis. housekeeper

Skenandore, Wesley (Oneida)
arrived 8/19/1899 --d ept 6/25/04
aged 12; 56" 77lbs
blood quotient?
parents: father Thoams; mother d'cd
30 months previous schooling
bro: Sylvester (also at CIIS)
1911: at Flandreau Indian School. trade carpentry

Skenandore, Sylvester (Oneida)
arrived 8/19/1899 -- dept 6/25/04
aged 14; 57" 85 lbs
blood quotient unkonw
parents: father Thomas living; mother d'cd
30 months rpevious schooling
1910: W DePere farming