Jaah Seger, two years at Carlisle, is supporting himself on his own farm the best he can, at Seger Colony, I.T. He dresses in citizens' clothes, married a camp girl, but one of intelligence and usefulness. Lives in a frame house of his own. He claims to be doing better than camp Indians but not as well as he would like to be doing.

June 1890 THE RED MAN p 4.

Colony Courier, Feb. 24, 1910. 

"The White Man is like a Spider." 
    Story by John Seger. 

A female returned Carlisle student who learned to do housekeeping at Carlisle and her outings, still prejudiced against spiders.  Indians still frequently call returned Carlisle children "white folks." 

Indians are very afraid of the venomous spider found in the territory of Okla.  "In the seven years she has been in the East, she had only learned in her English language so she has succeeded in becoming like a spider...........

Here is what I have on Jah(Jaah) Seger. This is from the 1891-92 C&A Allotment Lists. No. 1041,Jah Seger, 33 yrs. old, E 1/2 of SW 1/4 101/2- 101/2-14; W 1/2 of SE 1/4 10-10-14. No. 1042 Star Woman, 26 yrs.old, wife, NW 1/4 33-9-15. No. 1043 Running Woman, daug., 5 yrs.old, SE 1/4 28-9-15. There is a list with no date that list Neotha Seger as 1/2 Arapaho and 1/2 white. His allotment No. says 1409. On the June 30, 1900,C&A Census, by Geo. W. H. Stouch, Major USA, shows on the Arapaho list---No. 625 Neotha Seger, husb., 36 yrs. old; No. 626 Short Woman, wife, 28 yrs. old; No. 627 John H. Seger, son, 5 yrs.old; No. 628 Charles Seger, son, 3 yrs.old; No. 629 Henry Seger, son, 1 yr. old.
I only find Jah with one "a" on the documents and Neotha with a "o" and spotty spelling with the "a" here and there in the cesus and agency letters.

John Sipe 
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