I have been out in the country. I went last week and I know you would all like to hear from the country boys and so I will try to tell you something about them. I only saw Joe Vetter, Joe Wisacoty, Red Hat, Theodore and Samuel Townsend and they are all getting along first-rate. But the rest of them I did not get to see and have nothing to say about them. All people are kind to the boys and I think it is so nice for them to stay there, they have good homes to stay in and plenty to eat and each of them have their own books which their Master give to them and Joe Wisacoby and Joe Vetter have very kind teacher and they both like to go to school with the country boys, and the first day Joe Vetter went to meet us at Bloomsburg on the 27th of Dec. we were glad to see him and we were also to find him in good health and there was another gentleman who was with him. His name is Samuel Kester. He is a pretty good young man I should think or say he took me to where Joe Vetter is, stayed there all night and all day till evening then Joe Wisacoby ask me if I would go home with him and stay with him all night. I said I would like to go with you and stay with you until Saturday. One thing is this Joe Vetter is so very fat that he can hardly run now and so is Joe Wisacoby he is getting fat too and they got very nice scholars. I like them pretty good especially Joe Wisacoby and Joe Vetter scholars and I think they were glad to see us the way they talk. I expect perhaps they will come sometime and see us and see what we are doing at Carlisle Barracks. We should be very glad to see them I hope they will try to come and visit our school and our work shops and see how we are getting along with our works and studies. I heard them read and I think I should like to go to school with them for about several months I hope both Joes will try to do their best to learn their lessons and wish to hear from them very often. I returned 2nd of Jan. That is all I have to say.

January 1882 SCHOOL NEWS.

Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.