White Buffalo, Cheyenne, I.T. 

  Mittie  Houston, Wichita, I.T.

  Samuel Townsend, Pawnee, I.T.

  Nancy Renville, Sisseton Sioux, D.T., Daughter of Chief Gabriel Renville.

John Renville, Sisseton Sioux, D.T., Son of Chief Gabriel Renville.
  Grace Cook, Sioux, D.T. 

  Justine LaFramboise, Sisseton Sioux, D.T.

  Anna Raven, Arapaho, I.T., Daughter of Chief Little Raven.

Walter Matches, Cheyenne, I.T.

Millie Brown, Creek, I.T.

Sheldon Jackson, Pueblo, N.M. 

  Bernard, Sioux, D.T. [son of White Thunder, Rosebud.]

Mary Ealy, Pueblo

  Samuel Baker, Sioux, D. T.

Daniel Tucker, Arapaho, I.T.

Henry Roman Nose, Cheyenne, I.T.

  Mary Perry, Pueblo, N.M.

  Laura Toneadlemah, Kiowa, I.T., Daughter of Chief Red Buffalo.

  Jennie Hammaker, Pueblo, N.M.

Joseph, Cheyenne., I.T.

  Pollock, Sioux, Son of Chief Spotted Tail.

  Albert Tulsey, Seminole, I.T., son of Rev. Mr. Tulsey, Indian Missionary.

  Horace Coarse Voice, D.T.

John Shields, N.M. Adopted son of Gov. Therdocico Durem.

Harriet Mary, Nez Perce, I.T.

Hugh, Sioux, D.T. Grandson of Chief Spotted Tail.

Minnie Atkins, Creek, I.T.

Minnie Yellow Bear, Arapaho.  Daughter of Chief Yellow Bear.

Kessetta, Lipan, taken prisoner by U.S. troops in Mexico.

Frank Cushing, Pueblo, N.M.

David Blueteeth, Sioux, D.T.