Father Henry North, Mother Nancy North, Child: Fred North, born 3-12-1906, Arapaho, full blood. Josephine North, born 12-10-1907. Stella North, born 11-22-1901. Gladys North, born 1-23-1918.

Father Joe Fletcher, Mother Myrcene North, Child: Mary Fletcher, born 5-12-1905.

Ida North,15,female,died 5-13-1917, next of kin, parents Henry and Nancy North.

Births and Deaths of C&As (no name of vol. pages only shown)
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1881 United States Census, Arapahoe Tribe Listings.

Theodore/Shave Head, 17, at Carlisle. Son of Snake Woman/Chau-this-a, 37. Henry North/Shave Head, 10, at Carlisle. 

Florida Prisoners and Carlisle Students-(Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections, 2003) 

From a trip to the Indian Territory, we gather some interesting news about a number of our returned students. Benajah Miles and Casper Edson are government school farmers. Jesse Bent, Cleaver Warden and Grant Left Hand are clerking in the stores. Robert Brown and Kish Hawkins are clerking in Agent's Office. Luke Bear Shield is school clerk and interpreter at Darlington. Julia Bent is teaching at the Cheyenne agency school. John Williams is Register of Wills of one of the counties with a salary If $1,000 a year. William Fletcher is also a Register of Wills and hay the best cornfield in that vicinity. Oscar Bull Bear, is Assistant Government Farmer at, Seger, Okla. Leonard Tyler is Assistant Farmer at Cheyenne School. Jennie Black Tyler, his wife is assistant laundress at the same school. Mary North Tassie has a Cheyenne husband, is living on a good farm, is a good housekeeper, and exerts a good influence. At the Pawnee Agency, Stacy Matlack and William Morgan are district government farmers. Rose Howell is assistant matron at Otoe school. Louie Bayhylle is on the police force. Robert Matthews has resigned his position as school farmer and expects to come east on his own work. Frank West is married. Paul Boynton is filling some county office. Henry North has resigned his position as clerk in Agent's Office. The three last are working on their claims. Maud Chief Killer is married to Colonel Horn and they are working at the Cheyenne school. All the returned students are doing well.
August 11, 1893 INDIAN HELPER
Geary Times Journal March 26, 1936 

Henry North, well known Arapahoe Indian, died at this home about six miles s/w of Geary, Tues. March 17.  He was 68 years old.  Funeral services were held at Baake Chapel, Thurs., March 19.  Henry came to Darlington, Indian Territory in the 1870's He graduated from the Carlisle Indian School and was a favorite of Capt. R.H. Pratt, the Army Officer in charge of the school for many years.  He was government additional farmer for the Indians of the Seger Colony districts and late3r at Geary district.  He was in poor health for the past 3 or 4 years. 

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Colony Courier, Jan. 9, 1913. 
Henry North, an old printer of Carlisle School is visiting friends here. 

Colony Courier April 14, 1910. 

Henry North of Geary called at the Courier Office on Sat. Henry learned the printer's trade at Carlisle, Pa., Indian Sch. 20 years ago.  He works at it occasionally now. 

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Henry North and Nancy North had a daug. born 12-10-1907, named Josephine North.

Henry North and Nancy North had a daug. born 1-22-1910, named Stella North.

Births From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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DeEater North,17, female, died 3-6-1906, next of kin, Henry North, father.

Fanny North, 16, female,single, died 8-7-1907, next of kin, Henry North, father.

Deaths From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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Colony Courier, Nov. 9, 1911.
Henry North of Geary was here on business regarding his allotment on Cobb Creek. 

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