A Good Standard Meeting.
The society was called to order by
the president. The society song was
sung with much spirit. Roll cali was
followed bjr the reading of the min-
utes of the previous meeting. After
the usual parliamentary procedure
the following- program was rendered:
Declamation, Moses Strangerhorse;
essay, Simon Needham; impromptu,
Spencer Patterson; solo Alfred La-
mont; violin solo, Fred Cardin; De-
bate: Resolved, “That com$ulsory
manual training should be-instituted
in grsmniar and high scliools.” ~ In
behalf of the affirmative were Wil-
liam Ettawggeshik and Montreville
Yuda; for the negative, Spencer Pat-
terson and John Goslin. The judges
gave their decision favorable to the
negative side. For the good of the
society Miss Schultz spoke, ~~

February 3, 1911 ARROW

Simon Needham represented the
Sophomore Class last Monday by giv-
ing a declamation entitled “Success
and Failure. ”

The Standards had a very good
meeting last Friday evening. After
the usual parliamentary business
had been transacted the following
program was rendered: Declama-
tion, Clinton Marshall; essay Guy
Plenty Horse; impromptu, Lonnie
Herford; oration, Simon Needham.
Debate: Resolved, “That the United
States Senators should be elei%eddy
popular vote. ” Affirmative speakers
were Alfred La Mont and Reuben
Charles; the negatives, Bernard Her-
man and John McInnis. The victory
was awarded to negative speakers.

March 3, 1911

--No. 12 was represented by Simon-
Needham, who gave-a declamatisn ~~~
%h ‘-‘OuF-Trees.” ‘-‘What -Forestry
-Has- -Done,‘”

May 5, 1911 ARROW

much more to add