Heirship: Sah-she-ma-my-tate (died January 4, 1904)
Sah-she-ma-my (Sister), died Aug. 30, 1906.
(John Sha-ma-my,son,Caddo,757,nephew) 1/12
( Tom She-ma-my,son,Caddo,219, nephew) 1/12 living
(David She-ma-my,son,Caddo,722,nephew) 1/12 Jan. 1907
(Mary Deer Worcester,daug. Caddo,848) 1/12
Shunny or (Ki-o-tis,daug.,Caddo,743,niece) 1/6
(Sah-a-chus,daug.,Caddo,706,niece) 1/6 living
HU-WA-NY (brother) long deceased.
Si-on-an-mex,daug. of deceased brother of Sha-she-ma-my-tate
(May Howe,daug.,Caddo,219,grand niece) 1/3 living 1907
Caddoes 757,219,722,&848 are the sole hiers of Sah-she-ma-my

Agency Register of Indian Families (no date given on Register)
Text Copyright (c) 2003 Cecile Carter Research Files, 2003
(Info. sent to John Sipes from Carol Swindell, Caddo Tribal Member, Sat. 24, May, 2003)