Hyson Hill ("small") (RG 75, 1327 folder # 986)
Arrived on 8/13/1904, from DePere WIsconsin. he was listed as being fullblood Oneida. His father was listed as Edward Hill. Mother is listed as deceased. He was 15 years old, weighed 85lbs and was just under 5foot. While at Carlisle he was trained in harness making, and worked out in Allen PA from 5/1905-8/31/1907 and spent the summer of 1908 in Doyletown, PA.
 Hyson was sent home in June of 1909. He was in grade 6. He had two sisters living. his mother had died of TB. In 1910, in was living in West Depere chopping wood.

From the database of Genevieve Bell's NARA file 1327, Record Group 75.

Hyson N Hill (RG 75, 1327 Folder # 987)
Arrived at Carlisle 9/8/00 aged 17. His father is listed as Baptist Hill. Address given as Onieda Wis. He is listed as fullblood Oneida, 5'5", weighing 130lbs. He worked out throughout 1910, 1902 and 1903. He arrived in grade 1, departed in grade 6.
 Hyson was expelld from Carlisle on 6/10/1905, no reason is given on his files.
 He wrote back to Carlisle in 1911, saying that he was married to Lizzie Metoxsin, they were living in West Depere. Hyson had been married for four years and had three boys, Ainsley, Spencer and Lawrence. He had a long letter on file in which he writes:
 "Since I left Carlisle my health has been very good so far. I work on my father's land till I got work in a mill. At last I got married and settled down on a farm and now I has three children and getting along fine. Little I learned at carlisle has done me so much good. It is not the Athletics of gymnastics work which has done me good. I never believe in such work, they are no good to nobody. But the work which done me so much good and that what I learn up in YMCA ball also the society works. I am making great use of what I learned in the band. And I thank Mr Stauffer for giving me a little start. I am playing the same old instrument and make big moneys some times. But the best I can tell you of my life and that is what I learned at Carlisle and that is not to drink and use any form of tobacco. I go to church every sunday and trys to be a good upright father"

From the database of Genevieve Bell's NARA file 1327, Record Group 75.

Mr. Campbell stsrted on Monday forí Dakota, taking with him Rhoda Red Wolf and Lucinda Hill who go to their homes in Indian
Territory and Wisconsin.

November 16, 1888 INDIAN HELPER

   Jas. Hill has entered the printing office as morning worker.

September 18, 1891 INDIAN HELPER

Roger Silas, Abraham Hill, Emaunuel Powless, Isabella Cornelius, Maggie Thomas and
Louisa King arrived from Oneida this week. They are all old pupils. Having spent some
time at home they wrote urgent letters to return to the school. They were telegraphed
tickets aud came unescorted. So much for Carlisle pluck.

September 23, 1892 INDIAN HELPER

Nicodemus Hill has entered the printing-office.

November 4, 1892  INDIAN HELPER