The following letter from an Arapahoe boy is given to show what the Indian school children are accomplishing.
Carlisle, Pa., Oct. 25, 1880.
Dear Joe Miles,
I thought to night it would be good to write you a letter, and we went to a circus yesterday afternoon.We saw some monkeys, tigers, and the lions and elephant it was very nice show. I was very much pleased when I saw the show. Dan and Henderson they working hard every day, but every night they going school, and Steve is shoemaker, he work two days a week. We learning about good ways, and every Sunday morning all the boys and girls they go Sunday school. I like to hear from you, and tell me all about Darlington school and how are you getting long. From your friend, U.S. Grant. P.S. Write Soon.

 Sipes Cheyenne Files, Boarding School Section, Carlisle Indian School. Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes  2003