From Donna Jones Flood:

Date: January 2, 2004

This is in regards to the release of my book "How To Keep Up With The Joneses."  It is family history in short stories of the Joneses of Oklahoma. Their spirit and desire to survive I hope will be encouragement to all who live during our times which are in a different way, but equally as demanding.

To the Scottish side, my Cherokee grandmother was married to a Scottish man, Kell.

On the Irish side my Grandmother Bellzona was a Collins.

My mother is the descendant of Chief Standing Bear, maternal. Paternal is Pasquell Pensoneau, early French trader who married Shikina, Kickapoo daughter of the chief.

First story is about my Native American grandmother, full Ponca tribe, whose daughter married a Jones, my father, Lee Otis Jones. This is about her life after their forced removal from Nebraska to Oklahoma

Another story is about my uncle whose wife, Bertha Big Eagle. She was full Osage. The story, "Dempsey's Cradle Board," tells how he was able to save the cradle board that belonged to their first child.

Thank you,

Donna Jones Flood, author
How To Keep Up With The Joneses,
ISBN # 1-4137-3288-7
Available with Barnes and Noble and on line.