The Freshmen are glad to have for their classmates, Francis Bacon and Henry Redowl.

December 15, 1911 ARROW

The members of Invincible Debating Society met in their hall at the usual time and place last Friday evening and rendered the following program: Declamation, -Antoine Swallow; essay, Henry Redowl .... 

January 19, 1912 ARROW

   While with ceaseless course, the sun
   Hasted through the former year,
   Many souls their race have run
   Nevermore to meet us here;
   Fixed in an external state
   They have done with all below'
   We a little longer wait,
   But how little - none can know.

   A gloom was cast over the school when James Pawnee Leggins passed away last Sunday night. James was one of Carlisle's most promising students. He came here from Pine Ridge, S. Dak., three years ago and during his time here proved himself to be a faithful, industrious boy. Whereever he was placed he oculd be relied upon to do his duty. He was a member of hte band, and his cheery presence will be missed by his fellow musicians. He was also a member of the Y.M.C.A. and the Standard Literary Society, in both of which he took great interest, and death leaves a vacancy which cannot be filled.
   Very impressive memorial services were held in the school chapel on Tuesday, Rev. Kellogg of the Second Presbyterian Church, of which James was a member, officiating. A medleyl of sacred songs was played by the band. As the casket was place din thehearse the band played'Auld Lang Syne," followed by taps.
   Henry Redowl, Paul Baldeagle, and Charles Warbonnet accompanied the remains to their final resting place in Pine Ridge, S. Dak.

May 3, 1912 ARROW

Many interesting post-cards have been received from Henry Redowl, who recently returned to his home in South Dakota.

June 14, 1912 ARROW

    Essay, Henry Redowl; extemporaneous speeches, John Gibsen-and Reuben Hopkins; select reading, Cleveland Schuyler; oration, Harold Bishop; violin duet, William Palin,
and Antone Anaquot;  alto solo, Ovilla Azure. Debate: Resolved, "That labor unions are beneficial to the laborers. ” The affirmative speakers were Thomas Sheldon and John Gibson; negative, Stafford E1gin and Philip Cornelius. The affirmatives were defeated. The official visitors were Miss Sweeney and Miss Wilson.

November 22, 1912 ARROW

The Mercer Reception.

     After the basketball game between the Pennsylvania University Freshman team and our Varsity boys,. the
annual reception was given by the Mercer Literary Society. The Gymnasium, as usual on such occasions, 1ooked gay and festive withmany bright colors festooned and draped to bring out the best effects, Aside from the young men on the
Pennsylvania team there were a number of guests from town to enliven the occasion, and they seemed to enjoy the dancing, the music, and the excellent fruit punch.
    The prizes for the waltz were won by Ruth Moore and Bruce Goesback, Jeanette Pappin and Lawrence Isham, Della Smith and Louis Schweigman.

January 31, 1913 ARROW

Henry Red Owl Was Carlisle’s Delegate to World’s Christian Student Federation.
     Henry Redowl left for his home soon after his return from the conference at Lake Mohonk, N. Y., of
the World’s Christian Student Federation. He had therefore no opportunity to give a report of the conference, though he was enthusiastic over the many delightful features of the trip, and the interersting people he met. The delegates went up the rade. Henry thought the Carlisle troops would compare favorably with those at West Point.   The Indian party consisted of Mrs. Alfred Venne, Miss Ellen Deloria, Henry Roe Cloud, Isaac Greyearth, and Henry Redowl with Miss Dabb. These were all invited one day to take lunch with Miss Jessie Woodrow Wilson, daughter of the President, who is an active Y. W. C. A. worker. There were notable men present who spoke at this conference, and of these the two
who most strongly Impressed Henry Redowl were John Mott and Robert Speer.

September 5, 1913 ARROW

We are glad to learn of the marriage of Mr. Henry Redowl and Miss Della Smith, former students of Carlisle. Henry was one of our "standpatters" and represented us at the Lake Mohonk Conference, New York, last June. The members
of the Y. M. C. A. extend the heartiest congratulations for a successful career in their new walk. of life.

May 1, 1914 ARROW

Henry Redowl, who is at his home in South Dakota, says he is well and wishes to be remembered to his classmates, the Juniors.

October 9, 1914 ARROW