Tonight, in the Standard Society, Thomas Tiosh and William Colombe will take the affirmative; William Mt. Pleasant and John Miller the negative of the questions: Resolved, That the game of football is physically beneficial.

November 18, 1898 INDIAN HELPER

  We are informed that the pupils dinner on Thanksgiving was under the sole supervision of Miss Miles, who made out the Menu and personally directed every detail. The baker boys with William Colombe in the lead roasted the turkeys, and deserve great credit for the toothsomeness of the roast.  To Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge and boys of the culinary department, to the dining-room girls, and to all who had a hand in it, the feasters are thankful for the splendid dinner.

December 2, 1898 INDIAN HELPER

  William Colombe was about to go into a fight and wrote in part as follows:
  "I received the good HELPER and was very glad to hear from the school.  I am well but in a hot place just now, where hot lead fills the air.
  I am just about to get in a hard place and thought I would write you a letter before I went into it.
  The fighting natives are just about three hundred yards from us, and they are shooting at us all day.
  Well, that is all right for we will answer them in the same manner.
  I had a good time on the 4th of July in the Sandwich Islands.  I have been in three hard fights in this island.  I have thought of the dear old school more than once and the friends I left at Carlisle.  Remember me to all my teachers and to all the boys and girls 

and do not forget me to my dear classmates and tell thm of my time and health.
  I am one of Gen. Lawton's body guards, and I am sure if I stay there I will see more of the island than if I were in any other troop.
  The first fight I was in was hot and I shall never forget it.  We are waiting to make a hard fight about tomorrow and I will write after it is over.  I will close now for I am ready to go on the line any time."

October 20, 1899 INDIAN HELPER

  William Colombe's letter, published last week, has attracted wide attention.  His picture appeared in the Philadelphia Sunday Press the full length of the great page, with quite an account of his life.

February 23, 1900 INDIAN HELPER

  A private letter from Samuel Barker who is in the army at Manila, says life is pretty quiet there now.  No fighting and a good deal of rain. He writes that Hugh Leider is in the same regiment, and both are well. He reports having heard from William Colombe recently and that he, too, is in good health.

September 7, 1900 INDIAN HELPER


Frank Colombe, Leach Lake. Police Private, 20 MO.

September 1909 CARLISLE ARROW