By ZEPH E. SIMON Scout Master.

1. Assembly C a l l ... ... .Buglers
2. Grand March ..... . ..Orchestra
3. Entrance of All Scouts and Officers. 
4. Music.. ...... . . . . ....Orchestra
6. Opening Prayer........Rev. Springer
6. Opening Address........ 0. H. Lipps
7. Music.... ....... Orchestra
8. Address...... ..Rev. Fred Fry
9. Address....... Mr. Hugh Moran
(International Y. M. C. A. Secretary.)
10. America. 
11. Installation ... .......Officers of Boy Scouts of America
12. Music ....... .... ... Orchestra
13. Address-“Scouting”.Rev. E. L. Coblentz
14. R e m a r k s ...... .. Mr. DeHuff
15. Flag Address ..... Red Fox James
16. Dismissal. (Indian Scout.)
   A most picturesque program was that witnessed by many hundreds of people last Saturday evening when the installation of the Indian Boy Scouts of America, the first of its kind in the United States, and in the world, took place.
     In the afternoon the boys were met by the outside Scouts on the campus ground. The Pathe Weekly moving-picture men were here to take pictures of the parade and stunts.
     The stage at the Auditorium was beautifully arranged with palms, flowers, and flags, and in the center of the stage a camp fire was arranged. The evening program was begun with the assembly call, given three times and responded to, to remind the public of the Scout and his oath, and the orchestra, among the number of their splended selections, played the grand march. The Boy Scouts marched in, preceded by the Camp Fire girls from the Indian School, Carlisle, and Shippensburg. This event will go down in the history of the school with all due honor given to Red Fox James, of Montana, the organizer.
     The Scouts, in all 200, sat in half-moon shape back of the Camp Fire girls. Visiting Scouts were from Harrisburg, Shippensburg, Gettysburg, and Fredrick, Md. The committee of the Indian Scouts, Mr. 0. H. Lipps, Mr. Griffiths, and Mr. Clevett, were on the stage. Others that took part in the installation were Rev. Springer; R. S. Bryson, Scout commissioner of Carlisle; H. Clark, Scout commissioner, Fredrick, Md. ;and Red Fox James.

Red Fox James, Acting Scout Master.
Zeph E. Simons. Scout Master.
George Tibbetts. 1st Asst. Scout Master.
Loyd Welch, 2nd Asst. Scout Master.
Andrew Beechtree, 3rd Asst. Scout Master.
Fred Blythe, 4th Asst. Scout Master.
Ben Caswell. Troop Leader.
Herbert Pappin, Bear Patrol Leader.
Ralph Tourtillotte, Buffalo Patrol Leader.
Edward Thorpe. Stag Patrol Leader.
David Owl. Asst. Bear Leader.
Emerson Metoxen. Asst. Buffalo Leader.
Clarence Welch. Asst. Stag Leader.
John Saracino. Isaac Longshore.
Ned French. George Silverheels.
ROY Oshkosh. Gus McDonald.
Chas. Foster. Joseph Jessam.
Ben Chief. Levi Jamison.
William Earth.

Harry Charles. Obed Axtell.

Of the many letters of congratulation received by the Troop of Indian Scouts, there was one from President Wilson, who is an honorary president of Boy Scouts of America; one from Commissioner Sells; one from Arthur Parker, secretary of the Society of American Indians; and one from Governor Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania.

January 29, 1915 ARROW

By Ralph Tourtillotte.
The Scouts will sell ice cream and cake at the social Saturday evening. Levi Jeminson, Harry Charles, and Obed Axtell were recently sworn in as Scouts.

March 26, 1915 ARROW

Harry Charles, who left for the country last week, writes that he has a good home in Bridgeville, N. J.

April 9, 1915 ARROW