Alberta Bartholomeau, Sioux
NARA RG 75, File 1327, Folder 3341.
c/o Aurealia Bartholomeau, Mother, Sparta Illinois
Assiniboine Sioux but raised away from the rez
Age at arrival: 19,  3/30/1909
departed 11/28/1910 to take position at Ft. Mojave
Mrs. H. B.Niles, 210 4th Ave, Asbury Park 6/18/1910-9/6/1910

   nd. Horton Kansas. Indian School. seamstress.  Kickapoo Mission School. also cook in Indian service               
3/31/13. Sparta Ill. teaching music and playing organ in church also running chuch choir. wants sister Agnes to come home from school for summer.   
2/24/13. Sparta Ill. “Rec’d your letter and invitation and wish to thank you very much I will be glad to come if it is any way possible. I see in the paper where James Thorpe will be in St Louis soon I would very much like to shake hands with him and tell him how proud we all are of him since the Olympic games.”   
1912. letter requesting that Agnes not be allowed to go out on outing in summer months rec’d from parents.

Mercer Literary Society.
The meeting was called to order by the president. Next in order came the roll call, and each member responded with a quotation. After  this, came reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.   The treasurer had no report to make, and some business was transacted followed by the election of officers. The result of the election was as follows: President, Nan Saunook; vice-president, Margaretta Reed; secretary, Emma Newashe;  rec. -secretary, Rose Hood; treasurer, Cora Battice; marshal, ,Bessie Saracino; reporter, Thirza Bernell; critic, Carlysle Greenbrier; . chairman program committee, Sadie M. Ingalls; associates, Leila Waterman and Amelia Wheelock. Program for the evening: song, Mercers; recitation, Virginia Boone; duet Anona Crowe and Ernestine Venne; select reading, Mabel Logan; diologue, Cora Battice, Minnie Billings, Agnes Jacobs, and Elizabeth La Vatta; piano solo, Alberta Bartholomeau. As time was limited to 8:30 ’the debate-intended to be the feature of the evening--was left out. The house was then left to the good of the society, which gave opportunity for very encouraging remarks from Mr. Carter, and Mr. Henderson, the  official visitors. The newly elected president was then called upon and she also gave us a splendid talk. The critic gave her report, after which the first meeting of the Meroers for this year adjourned.
                  October 15, 1909 ARROW