The School News, August 1881.


One day the girls taken a walk
with their teacher where the boys
work. Most of the girls never had
seen any threshing machine before.
When we were setting by the spring
Mr. Miller’s son came down to the
spring, and he asked us if we would
like to go to see threshing, and M.B.
said can we go? and he said yes, so
we went where the threshing machine
is. We stand there quite along time
to watch the machine go and we see
how the boys working there. Some
of those boys have been sick but now
all get well because they have been
working at farming, that is the reason
they get strong. Tom, Little Elk and
Baldwin Sioux, Shakespeare and
Garfield - Arapahoes, they all pitch
the wheat to the machine. Cyrus and
Elmer they stack it. Conrad Kill
Alive and Henry North they take
the wheat to the mill. Now I will
write what I have been thinking of
thatmachine. That machine has great
big stomach and the boys put the
straw of the wheat in and soon just
wheat falling by themself and straw,
too. And there is another thing beside
the machine. There is an engine.
We thought that was funny. The
man make it go and the engine is
whistle and the girls are scared.
Where the engine and machine are
between there are big belt. The belt
make the wheel on the machine turn
round and round, and there is a hole
where the wheat is fall on the floor.
I tell this the boys those work at
farming are work hard, they look hots,
they faces are red. We like to go out
to the farm because there good shade
under trees. The water is cold, that
is the reason we go there often, when
we go there we play all we want to.
Harriet Nary is take girls to ride in
boat. She know how to boating but
I don’t know how to boating, so I
was not in the boat that day, but
when Mary Sioux there then I always
go in the boat with her. All the girls
like to go there.