The Carlisle Indian School Band stands
thus with Dennison Wheelock. as leader:
1. James Wheelock, Eb Clarinet: 2. Thomas
Suckley, 1st Bb Clarinet: 3. Hiram Bailey, 2nd
Bb Clarinet; 4. Andrew Young, Piccolo; 5.
Edwin Schanadore, Solo Cornet; 6. Dennison
Wheelock, Solo Cornet,; 7.Peter Cornelius,
1st Bb Cornet,; 8. Harvey Warner, 1st Bb
Cornet: 9. William Beaulieu, 2nd Bb Cornet;
10. Harry Kohpey, 2nd Bb Cornet; 11. Joseph
Morrison, 3rd Bb Cornet; 12. David Abraham,
Solo Eb Alto; 13. Thomas Metoxen, 1st Eb
Alto; 14. Joseph Martinez, 2nd Eb Alto; 15.
Mallpass Cloud, 1st Tenor; 16. Paul Lovejoy,
2nd Tenor; 17. William Baird, Euphonium;
18 Reuben Wolf,-1st Eb Tuba; 19.-Hugh E.
.James, 2nd Eb, Tuba; 20. Jos. B. Harris, Snare
Drum; 21. Jamison Schanadore, Bass Drum;
22. Joseph Hamilton, Cymbals; 23. Benjamin
Harrison, Drum-Major. The members of
the Band are from nine different tribes.

October 23, 1891 INDIAN HELPER

No. 270, Hiram Bailey, 23, at Carlisle.

Sipes Corrected Dawes Roll, May 7, 1892. Text Copyright (c) John C. Sipes 2003.

Hiram Bailey has left his clarinet and gone
to the conntry for a change.  George Buck
takes his instrument in the band, the piccolo
having gotten accidentally broken.

June 17, 1892 INDIAN HELPER