August Charles DEININGER (RIN: 547), son of Karl Johann DEININGER and Margaret ERNST , was born 18 January 1891 in New York, New York, USA. He married Sadie B. YATES . He died 29 October 1959 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA. Sadie B. YATES (RIN: 552), daughter of , was born abt. 1895 in Pennsylvania, USA. She died abt. 1978.

Children of August Charles DEININGER and Sadie B. YATES are:
1. Dolores A. DEININGER (RIN: 553), b. abt. 1912 See Edwin T. O'BOYLE & Dolores A. DEININGER
2. Kenneth DEININGER (RIN: 554), b. abt. 1915 See Kenneth DEININGER & Mary RURKA
3. Evelyn DEININGER (RIN: 555), b. abt. 1914 See Herbert ORTLEIB & Evelyn DEININGER
4. August C. DEININGER (RIN: 556), b. 14 March 1924 See August C. DEININGER & Dorothy POOTH
5. Leona N. DEININGER (RIN: 557), b. 27 March 1919 See Living & Leona N. DEININGER OR Louis WEINSTEIN & Leona N. DEININGER
6. Living  (RIN: 751) See Joseph L. BUTKUS & Living OR Harold A. SCHELLER & Living

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See August Charles DEININGER & Helen MCCARTHY

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