George A. STRISH (RIN: 121), son of Living and Living , was born 14 September 1915 in Larksville, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Anna M. KRAYNAK 15 April 1940 in Ashley, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA. He died 08 December 2009 in Larksville, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA. Anna M. KRAYNAK (RIN: 113), daughter of Joseph KRAYNAK and Stella MIKALONIS , was born 25 May 1918 in Plymouth, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA. She died 11 April 2007 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA.

Children of George A. STRISH and Anna M. KRAYNAK are:
1. Living  (RIN: 122) See Living & Living
2. Norman Joseph STRISH (RIN: 123), b. 28 June 1950 See Norman Joseph STRISH & Living
3. Living  (RIN: 124) See Living & Living
4. Robert Joseph STRISH (RIN: 2226), b. abt. 1952

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