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Shadow Update

It appears Shadow is no longer making MIDI Guitar products. If you have current information, please let me know!

Shadow Information

Shadow makes several midi guitar interfaces. The most popular is the SH-075:

SHADOW SH-075 Manual courtesy of Shadow USA on pdf (click here to download). The Shadow SH-075 is a full-featured controller and a good choice for anyone starting out in midi guitar. Note that the pickup and converter are included in the package. (you need a guitar on one end and a midi synthesizer on the other)


Other Pickup Options:

hexaphonic humbucking pickup

hexaphonic saddle pickup for nylon and steel strung acoustic guitars

other piezo pickups are available from Shadow

SHADOW is working on a WEB site. For now, e-mail Shadow at shadowus@ix.netcom.com.

Dealers on the Internet

The MIDIGuitar Dealer

Michael Overacker's guitar shop, including the Shadow SH-075

A note on buying a Shadow SH-075

Many people have written me telling me about really good deals on the SH-075. It seems that many music dealers get frustrated trying to sell midi guitar gear and blow it their inventory in frustration.

We at midiguitar want to help you tweak the best out of your system. If you have any questions, drop us an e-line.

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