MIDI Music for Worship

This page is a resource for the use of MIDI for worship services worldwide. More and more people are discovering the use of MIDI organs, pianos, and guitar synthesizers to provide accompaniment for learning music, choir rehersals, and even for worship services in settings where musicians cannot be present. The goal of this page is to provide tips and music files to churches setting up and maintaining MIDI systems.

Please send your comments and links to MIDI worship resources to . Please remember that we cannot infringe on copyrights. Publishers must grant permission for their songs to be distributed as MIDI files for use as accompaniment to legal copies of their sheet music.

What to Use?

Hi! Many people write me and ask what they need to get started in MIDI for Worship. Right now the best single item I've found is the Yamaha QY70, a hardware sequencer and synthesizer combined in one small box. A Yamaha QY70 Page will start you out.

Even with this great box, you have to learn something about music, and the built-in musical styles are hardly suitable for any of the worship services I'm involved with. You'd still need to learn about music. Come to think of it, unless you just want to play the CD player well, you have to learn about music anyway!

The QY70 will also play standard midi files, which you can find off the internet from various links below. It will transpose them, change the tempo for you, and you can even changes the instrument voices that play them. Beyond that, just about any MIDI sound you're after can be built on a QY70.


  • "Mary Lived for Me" (87K) sheet music and midi file, with permission to copy and use in Christian worship. The piano arrangement (214K) is also available.

    Here are reader-provided MIDI-Worship links:

  • The Baptist Hymnal 1991 MIDI Format from MIDIMARVELS.com (be careful, this link crashes Netscape on me)
  • The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project all 660 hymns of "The Lutheran Hymnal" CPH 1941
  • Selections from The United Methodist Hymnal
  • A Collection of MIDI Hymns
  • Songs of Praise
  • The New Worship Musician
  • Classical Midi Organ Stop
  • Scan Me music from Brazil
  • Gospelgate Ministries original hymns by Bill McGinnis in MIDI format.
  • The Psalmist Network
  • Standard MIDI Files on the Net -- Sacred, Christian, Etc.

    Some NON-worship music links:

  • The Synth Zone
  • Guitar Archives
  • Harmony Central:$
  • MidiWeb
  • Cakewalk
  • maybe soon: MIDI Guitar recorded MIDI files for public domain hymns
  • Try the Unofficial MIDI Guitar Home Page.
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