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This Christmas...

release date: November 30, 2002

Track List

1. Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella (Trad French Carol)
2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (T. Helmore)
3. Silent Night (F. Gruber)
4. Joy to the World (T. Hawkes)
5. Ave Maria (C. Gounod)
6. Come Holy Ghost (L. Lambillotte, SJ)
7. From a King to a King (J. Vogt)
1998 Janet Vogt, Published by OCP Publications
Used With Permission
8. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (L. Redner)
9. The First Noel (Trad English Carol)
10. Hark! The Herald Angels (F. Mendelssohn)
11. Angels We Have Heard on High (Trad French Carol)
12. Holy Night (J. Christian)
1992 Joel B. Christian
13. Oh Holy Night! (A. Adam)
14. Away In A Manger (J. Murray)
15. Oh Come All Ye Failthful (J. Wade)
16. We Three Kings (J. Hopkins, Jr.)
17. Weeping Nation (9-11) (J. Christian)
2001 Joel B. Christian

Musical Notes

This is the first album ever recorded of solo guitar with simultaneous guitar synthesizer, using technique Joel has been developing since 1991. Guitar synthesizer has been featured in recordings since the late 70's by Andy Summers, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny and others, but its use as a simultaneous compliment to solo classical guitar begins right here. This relaxing album is a mix of traditional and new sacred carols performed on guitar.

Joel founded the internet "MIDI Guitar Homepage" and also founded and moderates a discussion group on the subject. Joel also has over 25 years of liturgical/praise experience playing solo fingerstyle guitar for a wide variety of services.

The album cover features a picture of Joel's unique acoustic-electric-electronic guitar built by Robert Godin of La Patrie, Quebec, this guitar is used by top artists such as Thom Bresh for its classical sound and MIDI guitar synthesizer capability. When combined with a guitar synthesizer, a limitless palette of instrument sounds is available including piano, drums, and orchestral instruments.

Silent Night

Silent Night was written for guitar. Remember the story? Mice ate the leather bellows on the pipe organ. This time, Joel combines classical guitar with synthesizer to make a whole new instrument.

The First Noel

This piece was recorded in one take/one track completely on GUITAR. Yes, it is a sampled Bosendorfer grand piano played on guitar synthesizer.

Ave Maria

Well, we just wouldn't have Christmas without Mary saying "I will." This arrangement of Bach's prelude with Gounod's verses is just my all-time favorite.

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

"A voice cries out in the wilderness" (or the "desert"), crickets and other critters remind us of being lost in the wilderness awaiting Emmanuel.

Weeping Nation

How did you feel on the evening of September 11th, 2001? This piece is my musical expression of our feelings as a nation. This piece was played live in one track using Joel's custom made electric-electronic guitar. Joel made this guitar himself using RMC electronics, a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, and a flamed maple body. The electronics, wood selection and tight construction are required for accurate MIDI guitar work. I played this tune for months, but the album has my original recording of it. Some feelings just can't be duplicated twice.

CD Available at:

Towanda: St. Agnes School (benefitting the school)
Towanda: Keystone Theatre (benefitting children's theatre)
Wysox: Jurnak's Naturally
Wyalusing: Pernickety Gifts
Sayre: Bible Lighthouse Bookstore
Waverly NY: Bible Lighthouse Bookstore
Ithaca NY: Sounds Fine Records - Ithaca Commons Ithaca NY: Logos Bookstore Ithaca NY: IC Shop


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