Excerpted from "Sex in the Romance: A Review of Romantic Encounters of the Close Kind".

(copyright John L. Ferri 1994, jlferri@epix.net)

The Vulva (not the car)

Now we're getting into the intimate difference between the male and female. Besides body chemistry and fat distribution, the most singular distinction between the sexes is between the legs. Except for a few genetic anomalies, who has what determines who does what to whom.

During a love scene in the romance novel, it is almost inevitable that the vulva and nearby areas become involved. In real life, ditto. It seems that the male is obsessed with the female body, specifically her "center of paradise" , the "cleft between her legs". Regardless of his initial intentions, the end result is always the same -- to get into her pants.

I remember some poetry from those eight-pager comic books that placed well-known comic book characters in erotic situations. One was from a little hillbilly-type character trying to seduce his wife. In his best Romeo imitation, he said, "Yer eyes is like kets eyes. That there slit betwixt yer thighs makes me ole pork rise." As I remember, he and his mate had quite a time, at least for comic book characters.

In real life situations, the male may have one of several intentions at the beginning, all of which end the same. A few examples:

It's possible that I'm exaggerating, but I doubt it.

The most popular reference used "between" 13% of the time, as in "between her thighs" or "cleft between her legs," "soft" at 9%, "moist" close behind with 8%, and "center" and "damp" tied at 6% each. An example would be something like the "soft, moist, damp, center of passion between her creamy thighs."

The list follows:

  • Apex of her legs
  • bare flesh
  • between her creamy hips
  • between her legs
  • between her thighs
  • blonde curls between her legs
  • center
  • center of paradise
  • cleft between her legs
  • curly mound of tawny hair
  • curly nest at the junction of her thighs
  • damp, moist needy place
  • damp petals of her womanhood
  • dampness between her legs
  • deeper heat within
  • delicate softness
  • door of her femininity
  • downy mound
  • entrance of her femininity
  • fiery furnace
  • flesh
  • golden flesh
  • guarded place
  • her heat
  • hot, wet sheath
  • hot pool
  • inner thigh
  • inner thighs
  • into her body
  • juncture of her thighs
  • lily
  • loins
  • moist heart of her
  • moistness between her legs
  • molten need
  • most secret places
  • most sensitive spot
  • most special of places
  • most tender flesh
  • most treasured pearl of passion
  • mound
  • nest of downy curls
  • nest of hair between her thighs
  • passion-moistened depths
  • petal-smooth center
  • petal-soft folds of her womanhood
  • place even warmer and wetter
  • portals of her womanhood
  • private satin flesh
  • pulsating core
  • receptive body
  • secret center
  • secret parts
  • slick wet heat of her
  • slick wetness of her excitement
  • slippery softness
  • soft flesh
  • softness
  • stretching walls of her body
  • sweet warmth
  • sweetness
  • tight depths
  • tight, wet womanhood
  • warm, dark haven
  • warm damp entrance
  • warmth
  • warmth between her legs
  • wetness
  • wetness and heat
  • where she most ached for fulfillment
  • where she was moist and desperate
  • where she was moist and soft
  • womanhood
  • womanly center of her
  • womanly heart of her
  • womanly secrets.

The list doesn't and will probably never contain some expected entries because, "He pressed his hand to her passion-moistened depths" sounds infinitely more sensuous than, "He grabbed her by the crotch." Also, "He entered the glistening portals of her womanhood" sounds considerably more sophisticated than, "He filled her pussy."

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