Excerpted from "Sex in the Romance: A Review of Romantic Encounters of the Close Kind".

(copyright John L. Ferri 1994, jlferri@epix.net)

Female Orgasm -
You Came, Therefore I Am

What is the goal of sex? For willing partners that care for each other, answers would include pleasure, comfort, love, relaxation, closeness, and tenderness. These and many others are partially correct, but if the list doesn't include procreation, it is grossly incomplete. The participants may be performing for other shorter term reasons, but ultimately, the goal of sex is to propagate the species.

What is actually needed for this propagation? The full requirements are a male and female each with the proper reproductive plumbing, and a system capable of delivering enough sperm to successfully fertilize an egg, if present. Ignoring artificial means, the delivery system is an erect penis. The male orgasm serves two purposes. First, it is the pumping mechanism for the sperm. Second, because it is extremely pleasurable, it is a strong motivating force that makes the positioning of the delivery system a very high priority for most males between fifteen and twenty-five years old. (After twenty-five years of age, it drops to just a high priority.)

So that everyone understands the concept, thus far we have the female and her reproductive system, the male and his, and the male orgasm. Where does the female orgasm fit? It doesn't. It's not needed for reproduction. (Some believe that pregnancy can't occur unless the female has an orgasm. They're called parents.)

For the female, sex can be pleasurable even without orgasm. However, if the female orgasm had never evolved, there would be much less of a motivating force for the female to want to have sex. Enter evolution with its incessant trials and errors and dead-ends and successes. The female evolved with a mechanism, the orgasm, whose sole purpose is to increase the frequency of sex. It makes sex pleasurable for her thus greatly increasing her desire for sex, thus increasing her frequency of sex, and thus increasing the probability of impregnation, which is the purpose of sex in the first place.

How does all this affect the male? So as not to defeat the grand scheme of evolution, it is to his benefit to see to it that his partner has an orgasm. As the saying goes, "It ain't over until the fat lady sings." Or more appropriately, "It ain't over until the lady shudders and screams."

The romance authors used some form of "release" 9% of the time, and "climax", "explode", and "spasm" each at 6%.

Others are:

The two previous sections covered both female and male orgasms but made little or no reference to the simultaneous variety. Although plentiful in the romance novels, a most unique description of this elusive delight can be found in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, (a.k.a. Fanny Hill) and is described as

. . . she clos'd her eyes in the sweet death, in the instant of which she was embalm'd by an injection, . . .
Modern romance novels have their charm, but this classic erotica can be described as nothing less than elegant.
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