Life Without Clothing in 1999

John L. Ferri

Avalon, Paw Paw, WV - Feb. 12, 13 14, 1999.

HelenRose and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in December 1998. As an anniversary gift, our children wanted to send us to a resort but didn't know where. We decided that we wanted to visit a place where clothing isn't necessary and, after reviewing clothing-optional resorts within a days drive and that are open year-round, selected Avalon in Paw Paw, WV. Then, even though our anniversary is in December, we made reservations for Valentine's Day weekend.

We hadn't been to Avalon before, but based on information from their web site, from their brochure, and from many recommendations from nudists we had met during our other clothing-optional excursions, this is the place to go.

From Towanda, PA to Avalon is approximately a five hour drive. We left around 9 A.M. Friday, 2/12, and arrived just before 3 o'clock I missed a turn while engrossed in the Senate vote for the impeachment trial of Clinton on National Public Radio.

So far, all of out nudist excursions have been in the summer, so we were a little concerned about our rooms and any other accomodations at a nudist resort in the winter. Going to a nudist resort and then having to stay dressed because of the indoor temperaure can't be much fun. But our concerns vanished once we settled in at Avalon.

The lodge houses 18 rooms, restaurant, dance area, bar, fireplace, and lounge. The rooms can sleep four, but comfortably hold two. Each has a private bath and a individually controlled room heater more than capable of the coldest weather. The restaurant, dance area, bar, fireplace, and lounge are in the same building as the individual rooms, so no outdoor travel is required.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with excellent (gourmet) food at reasonable prices with fast and friendly service. Central to the room is a large fireplace that bathes the entire area with its warmth whether you are dining, dancing, or just relaxing and reading. Just outside the dance area is a hot tub.

For the Valentine's Dance on Saturday evening, we each wore a red heart about an inch high. Our visit was so enjoyable that we made reservations for St. Patty's Day.

Avalon, Paw Paw, WV - Mar. 11, 12, 13, 1999.

We had such a great time at Avalon for Valentine's Day that we went back for St. Patty's Day.

Eastover Resort, Lenox, MA - June 22 to June 25, 1999.

The Eastern Naturist Gathering is at Eastover again. See you there. (Regretfully, we had to cancel this one.)

Empire Haven, Moravia, NY - August 12 to Aug 15, 1999.

Another Naturist Society Gathering to make up for the one we missed at Eastover. We met some old friends, made new ones, and played volleyball.

White Thorn Lodge, Darlington, PA - Sept. 9 to Sept 12, 1999.

The 29th Annual Volleyball Superbowl. I played on one of the Empire Haven teams. We won a 2nd place trophy in one of the novice divisions. Go Bares!

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