Life Without Clothing in 1998

John L. Ferri

Eastern Naturist Fair, 1998

Sponsored by The Naturist Society, The Eastern Naturist Fair, from June 22 to 28, 1998, was held at the The Eastover Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts. HelenRose and I attended from June 25 to the end of the event. Among the many activities and displays were: numerous naturist/nudist related workshops, volleyball, horseback riding, dancing, talent shows, comedy acts, wonderful meals, civil war memoribilia, skeet shooting, archery, safari ride to the buffalo herd, nature walks and runs, bingo, tennis, a pudding toss, and the world's largest frisbee toss.

We finally learned to polka, maybe not perfectly but close enough for us. During karaoke, I sang "Little Red Riding Hood". Volleyball was always a favorite playing for me, watching for HelenRose. Every evening, we danced until midnight. We also participated in the unofficial world's largest frisbee toss.

White Thorn Lodge, 1998 Volleyball Superbowl XXVIII

Superbowl XXVIII, at least for us, was a repeat of XXVII. We left home on Thursday morning and returned Sunday evening. Similar to last year, Thursday evening was brisk, the balance of the week very warm.

Our time there was spent playing and watching volleyball, swimming, relaxing, sunning, showering outdoors, conversing, sitting by the evening fire, dancing, and eating not in any particular order. Their swimming pool was at a civilized 93 degrees. HelenRose, not particularly interested in swimming, even joined me.

For a detailed review of the event, see my journal for Superbowl XXVII. White Thorn Lodge, Darlington, PA started and continues to host this annual event on the weekend following labor day. Once you've attended the Superbowl, Labor Day will not be the end of summer; it will merely be the week before the real summer finale.

Once again, we camped with the group from Empire Haven and next to a group from Cedar Trails, Ohio. Cedar Trails needed one more volleyball player, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. We made it to the semi-finals in the novice-select group.

A total of ninety-three teams participated in Superbowl XXVIII, with levels ranging from novice up to AA. The title of Volleyball Superbowl is accurate. If you love nude Volleyball, you must attend this event.

On Saturday, we participated in the Second Annual Conga Line through White Thorn to the strains of the traditional "Hot, Hot, Hot" on a portable CD player. On an expanded tour, the line traversed the hot tub, the dance hall, the bonfire, and camping areas. I started out dressed in sweat pants, a shirt, and sandals because the evenings were cool. After congaing for a few minutes and warming up, I decided that the clothes weren't necessary. So I attempted to disrobe and keep up with the line. With HelenRose's help, and some skipping on one foot (while keeping the proper rhythm, I might add), I managed to pull it off.

We'll be back next year for more fun in the sun at White Thorn Lodge for Superbowl XXIX. Be there, and be bare.

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