Our First Visit to Buckridge Nudist Park

(A shortened version was printed in the Towanda Daily Review on Aug. 8, 1999)

John L. Ferri

July 1, 1997

There was an advertisement recently in our local newspaper, The Towanda Daily Review, for an open-house and pancake breakfast at a park in Candor, NY. Open-house, pancake breakfast -- nothing unusual here, except that they're being held at the Buckridge Nudist Park (now Bonita Nudist Resort.)

The ad mentioned "nude relaxation." I've gone "skinny-dipping" a few times in the past -- so far in the past that I'm surprised that I still remember. But I don't know if I would call any of them relaxing, since we (no names will be mentioned) not only shouldn't have been nude, we also shouldn't have been swimming. As I remember, we probably shouldn't even have been where we were, clothed or not. So relaxation was not an option. But it was fun.

With "skinny-dipping", you're only "exposed" for a short time -- you drop your pants, then run into the water where you're safe again. So far, I've never been to a nudist park but I think that the exposure is for a much longer time. I'm guessing, but I expect that after a while, you don't notice that everyone is nude too. Also, if you go to a pancake breakfast at a nudist park, it just seems that the polite thing to do would be to undress, then eat. And although eating pancakes while nude in a room with other nude people may sound unusual, it can't possibly hurt if you're careful (particularly if the syrup is hot.) So we're going.

I overlooked the Buckridge ad, but my lovely wife HelenRose, who always seems to know just what interests me, pointed it out. The pancake breakfast is Sat. and Sun., July 12 and 13, from 8 a.m. to noon, with the open-house until 2 p.m. HelenRose started out just a bit hesitant, but gradually warmed to the idea of going to the park. However, she's not going to disrobe. But I am. It's a nudist park, and it is probably best experienced in the nude. I said that with her dressed and me not, everyone would ask, "Who's the prude next to the guy with the big dick?", but I haven't convinced her. At least not yet.

July 8, 1997

HelenRose is definitely starting to accept the idea that nudity is the norm at a nudist park. We both looked at the Buckridge web page and read most of their information about nude recreation. The concept of eating pancakes while nude in a room full of other nude people is now not as outrageous as it sounded when I first suggested it. Nudist literature states that after about ten minutes, you tend to forget about the nudity. So, as of right now, she says that the clothes are coming off at the park.

When you think about it, what the hell is so shocking about seeing other people nude? It's all a matter of your perception. When everyone is nude, no one can hide behind clothing to pretend to be something that they're not. No suits, no power ties, no designer anything. Here it is. This is what I am. Accept it as it really is. Wouldn't it be interesting if Congress held their sessions nude?

Anyway, we're still going to Buckridge on the 12th. It's an open house and all are welcome. So take a few hours from your schedule and visit Buckridge Nudist Park. When it comes to nudity, it's got to be more fun when it's crowded.

July 12, 1997

HelenRose and I left for the nudist park at 8:15 a.m. and arrived around ten. I originally planned to be there at eight, but decided to wait for the temperature to rise a little so we wouldn't literally freeze our asses off. When we arrived, it was sunny and warm, and a perfect day to visit a nudist park and hopefully enjoy nature without the restraints of clothing.

The sign off the main road to the park is marked simply "Buckridge"; another sign about 100 feet farther welcomes you to "Buckridge Nudist Park." We stopped, and HelenRose took a picture of me next to the sign. I might add that, at this point, we were both still dressed. Just beyond this sign, on the right, is the main office, a two story ranch. HelenRose started to giggle and commented that she wasn't sure if she could do this, then pointed to the office and yelled, "Oh my God, there's a naked man behind that building." I parked across the road from the office, and assured her that it was perfectly normal since we WERE at a nudist park.

I grabbed the backpack that contained a few towels (recommended for sitting on), and we started for the office. A women wearing only a shirt greeted us from a large deck on the upper floor. We told her that we were here for the open house and asked where the pancake breakfast was being held. She said that it was on the lower floor and directed us to an entrance on the side. We went in.

There were about 8 tables, and maybe 15 people, some wearing shirts, some nude: several men and women ranging from mid-twenty to late-fifty, and four young children. The man in his mid-twenties was the father of the children. Their mother arrived a little later. Afterward, we learned that the grandparents of the children were among the adults. Except for the lack of clothing, the scene was as normal and nonchalant as you would expect from any breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you had ever or will ever attended. The two or three cooks were resident nudists, and one of them happened to be the "naked man" that HelenRose saw behind the building, which is where the stoves were set up.

We were greeted by Barb, the resident nudist volunteer hostess, but HelenRose still seemed to be a little apprehensive. So we decided to first walk around the park for a brief tour, and have breakfast later. Since a tour was part of the open house, Mark, one of the nudist cooks, said that he would be delighted to show us the grounds. So we headed back outside with Mark.

HelenRose asked Mark if it mattered if she remained dressed and was told that it was entirely her decision. I, on the other hand, intended to do the nudist park the way it should be done -- nude. So we crossed the road to our car. I opened the trunk, and as HelenRose watched, open-mouthed, I undressed, and put my clothes in the trunk. She then said, "What the hell," and removed everything except her blouse, which she kept buttoned. The blouse barely covered her ass; it was a lovely sight.

The tour included the walking trails, the lake and beach, the hot tub, the recreation center, camp sites, and other areas of the park. During the tour, we met other nudists who were touring, camping, walking, swimming, and sun-bathing. It had warmed enough so that most people that we encountered were now completely nude, except for footwear. Earlier, I'm sure because of the morning chill, many wore only light shirts. As the tour progressed, I noticed that HelenRose had unbuttoned a few buttons on the blouse. By the time we returned to the breakfast area about a half hour later, only one button remained.

We selected a seat, and Mark asked for our order. He and George, another resident nudist, cooked, and despite the hot oil and spattering eggs, neither had any burn marks on any of their exposed parts. We had the works -- coffee, pancakes, potatoes, eggs, and sausage. While we ate, we struck up casual conversations with other nudists. We asked questions about the park, and other small talk, when HelenRose finally commented to the hostess about how nudity helps in maintaining eye-contact. She replied, "Oh, everyone looks. At least at first. Then after a while, it doesn't matter." HelenRose's blouse had no buttons buttoned now.

We finished, thanked the cooks, then headed outside to tour the grounds on our own. By this time it was quite warm. We crossed the road to the car, and HelenRose said, "What the hell," again, took off the blouse, and put it in the car. We got out the map of the park and started walking toward the lake. After about 5 minutes, HeleRose appeared to be getting used to not being dressed because her gait returned to its usual bouncy cadence -- an even more impressive sight when nude. She later commented that I had gotten used to nudity immediately after I had undressed just before we had breakfast. I guess being born nude left a lasting impression on me.

On hot sunny days, the lake and beach are popular. People were swimming, sunning, talking, reading -- all the usual beach activities. One thing I did notice is that no one had tan lines. It must have been obvious that we were nudist novices because neither of us is very tanned on the usual surfaces, and both of us are very, very pale elsewhere. Regardless, we generated no more curiosity had everyone been wearing swimsuits. We spread out our towels on the grass, and enjoyed the warm sun.

The family with the four young children arrived. Our children are all adults now, but we recalled our camping and beach excursions when they were toddlers, particularly the problems with clothing -- who got dirty, who got wet, who lost this, who lost that. Here, clothing can't get dirty or lost. If the kid gets dirty, wash him off. Their grandfather commented that, "Kids are drip dry."

We communed with the sun for about an hour, then gathered up our stuff to stroll the trails. Actually, we just wanted to walk around nude and enjoy our new found freedom. So we strolled for about an hour, chatting with other strollers, campers, and visitors to the park. We passed a volleyball court, but no one was playing. I've always wanted to play volleyball nude, but didn't get the opportunity -- this time.

We ended our walk at the office and were preparing to leave when I noticed that there was a group of people on the deck. So I asked HelenRose if she wanted to join them. Another "What the hell," and we were sitting on the deck with about a dozen other nudists. We joined in discussions about golf, motorcycles, and whatever else you would talk about sitting on a deck with a group of very friendly people.

It was time to go back home. HelenRose and I thanked the park owners for their hospitality, and we said good-bye to everyone present. I commented, "Well, I guess it's back to the world of the clothed." A young woman directly across from me replied, "Good luck."

July 16, 1997

We must officially be classified as nudists now because our experience at Buckridge was wonderful and we can't wait to do it again. I checked out several other nudist parks and campgrounds on the internet, and HelenRose made a few phone calls. We decided, then made reservations.

Our next experience will be at Empire Haven Nudist Resort & Campground in Moravia, NY. We'll be there for the whole weekend this time, 8/1 to 8/3, instead of just several hours as at Buckridge. Among the usual activities of swimming and sunning, a volleyball tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. I don't know if teams have already been selected, or if pick-up teams will play. I also don't care. I will at least get to watch one of the most beautiful sights that I can imagine -- the nude human form, male or female, engaged in an athletic activity that involves jumping up and down. And the standard volleyball compliment of "nice set" takes on a whole new meaning.

I may even get to play. I'm not too bad at volleyball, except for the spiking and jumping thing. It probably has something to do with talent and coordination. But I do have a serve that has been described as awsome -- well , maybe mediocre.

So, if you like volleyball and nude people, the weekend of August 2 at Empire Haven is the place to be.

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