Excerpted from "Sex in the Romance: A Review of Romantic Encounters of the Close Kind".

(copyright John L. Ferri 1994, jlferri@epix.net)


The engaging moment, the consummation, of sex is penetration, whereas the pinnacle can be considered to be orgasm or orgasms. To proceed repeatedly and consistently from one to the other requires that the participants engage in a rhythmic and synchronized ballet commonly referred to as "screwing", although the connotation is completely incorrect.

Screwing implies that something is rotated inside of something else.

This is possible but requires a suitable basket with a pulley system properly attached to a secure overhead beam. The female sits in the basket with the male lying below . . . but that's another story. Under normal circumstances, any rotation would be extremely painful.

The proper motion, the thrust, causes the vagina to envelop the penis to varying depths, release it, then repeat. This requires considerable coordination and control of both participants. To be proper, "We screwed our brains out," should be "We thrusted our brains out." Also, replace "I'd like to screw her" with "I'd like to thrust her." And proper terminology would require, "Would you like to thrust?"

Since the penis/vagina combination is similar to a piston/cylinder system, the motion imparted to the piston had better be reasonably in line with the cylinder. If not, there could be serious damage that may include scoring of the cylinder walls, a bent connecting rod, worn rings, and at the very least, loss of performance. The biological system has more latitude of movement than the mechanical one, however major diversions from alignment are not recommended. Thus the end result of any bodily movements, alone or in combination, must result in the penis maintaining a reasonable alignment with the major axis of the vagina.

For a male-on-top position, immediately after penetration, the male takes control and initiates a rhythm that is determined almost completely by his own desires. The female soon realizes that she too has desires, and initiates her own tempo. If all goes well, then his rhythm and her tempo are coordinated and eventually result in a synergy of their efforts -- a job well done.

With the female-on-top, she is in the superior position and determines the pace. Here, she sets the rhythm, the depth, the pauses, and the restarts. Soon however, his desires "kick in" and the pace quickens. And again, if all goes well -- another fine effort.

There are many other positions and any single encounter can use several. But keep in mind that the coordination of movements is not trivial and requires constant practice to perfect to an art. Therefore you have my blessing to go forth and thrust.

The predominate movement, according to the authors, is "arched" at 22% followed by "writhed" at 10%, "moved" at 8%, and "wriggled" at a distant 3%.

Others are listed below:

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