EPIX policy on IRC

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A piece of advice

We advise our users not to use any script other than those in /home/staff/ircadmin/lib/irc and /home/staff/ircadmin/irc because an unknown script you don't understand can be a security breach to your account.

We discourage the use of scripts like Phoenix or Gargoyle that slow you down and also cause a waste of network ressources. Their use for hostile purposes won't be tolerated at all.

About bots

EPIX subscribers aren't allowed to run bots without explicit authorization from IRC Admin and the server's administrator (please note that bots are prohibited on almost all US servers).

About clones

We consider there is no reason for a user to run more than 3 clients on the same server. That's why, on IRC.EPIX.NET, clients over that quota are considered clones hogging resources and may be killed at the operators' discretion. Up to 3 clients MAY be tolerated but we reserve the right to investigate and request that surnumerous clients be removed if their presence isn't motivated.

A special case of clones is disruptive clonebots usually used for flooding : most servers' policies (including IRC.EPIX.NET's) state that those will be killed without any hesitation and are likely to get the user K-lined (banned) or the entire site if necessary. That's why we are ready to take measures against EPIX subscribers running them and thus compromising our access to other servers.


IRC.EPIX.NET is no longer linked to EFnet. (the main IRC network) It's currently an open server, meaning that everyone is allowed to connect to it, no matter where they come from (unless they have been explicitly banned from the serve r for abusing it). Please read the MOTD (displayed when connecting or by typing /MOTD) for some more updated details. Questions or comments should be sent to ircadmin@epix.net.

Abuse - Taking Measures

Additionally, we reserve the right to revoke IRC access to any user if we receive many complaints about them abusing/harassing other users on IRC, including but not limited to violation other IRC Server policies. This may include without warning, a temporary suspension of IRC privileges via async or a temporary suspension of the account if a PPP connection is involved while an investigation is made into the matter.

Each user will be notified of the complaints we receive about them. A warning may be issued at the same time.

After an initial warning, if the user hasn't corrected their behaviour, IRC access can be suspended for a month.

Another offense after the initial suspension will result in a definitive revocation of IRC access and possibly other measures in coordination with our system-administrator.


Additionally, we reserve the right to terminate any account responsible for the epix.net domain from being banned from any IRC server on any network.

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