How to connect to a server

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Choosing a default server

When you start an IRC session, your client will usually try to get you connected to a server if it has already been set up, it's the case with the ircII client available on the shell acounts.

SLIP/PPP Users will have to precise what server to use. Here's a list of some servers you may use :

Note that 6667 is the default IRC port and is sometimes overloaded, so we recommend to use alternate ports on servers that allow connections on different ports.

EPIX expects to be able to set up a server that would allow connections on ports 6664, 6665, 6666 and 6667.

Changing servers

When you are on a server, if you notice the response time from the server is too high, you may want to switch servers.

In ircII, you would use the /server command followed by the name of a server and, sometimes, the port to use.

In some clients, you may disconnect from the server and reconnect after changing the set up via the menus.

Leaving IRC

To leave IRC, use the /quit command. Some clients will accept /exit, /bye or /signoff as equivalents. You can add a short text after the command, which will be displayed when you leave IRC (eg : /quit I'll be right back).

Note that /quit in the ircII client will terminate the program, whereas some other clients will simply disconnect you from the server.

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