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A little about me

I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State and a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. I currently work as a Senior Software Developer for Northrop Grumman. Previously, I worked as a Systems Engineer for Arris Systems, Inc., and prior to that as a Senior System Engineer/Architect for Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at Lockheed Martin.

What I do at work

I have worked with the following technologies:

Websites Created:

But what do I do for fun?

As Stephen King said in The Shining, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or something like that). Well some people might say that I don't know Jack, but then again, maybe I do.

Like everyone else in a technical profession (and half of the remaining civilized world), I am a big fan of Dilbert. So, go ahead and get Dilbert.

I also enjoy consuming the many and varied microbrewed beers and ales which are available from around the world. I have visited over 330 brewpubs and microbreweries and have consumed over 10,400 different beers. By the way, there are some great places on the web to find out All About Beer such as Beer Advocate.

My CD collection and my bootlegs.

Here is a list of all the concerts that I have attended and scans of my ticket stubs.

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