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October 4, 2003


Dear Members,

    We have had many inquires regarding the time and method you receive your Quality and Component values. We have been posting reports to those producers signed up for their own Co-Op page, however this has been extremely slow and time consuming. We now have setup two new ways to acquire your information that should be faster and much more efficient.

    We will be posting the total Membership Report each week on our web page. When you access this Report scroll down to your producer number, and you will find your most recent values and dates tested. The second method is by telephone through Dairy Data Processing Telephone Access System. This system requires your 8-digit number located on your bar code labels in your milk houses. . The telephone number for the second option is   (800) 430-4664 .

    I hope these two methods will address your concerns and allow you to retrieve your records more quickly.

    Middlebury Cooperative is trying to address your concerns and will continue to make your Co-Op # 1 Working For You.

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Sincerely Donald E. Gilman
President / Gen. Mgr.