Mossberg Cross Shotgun Model Reference Guide

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House Brand

Model Number Original Manufacturer Original Model Number  

New Haven 183T Mossberg 183K


New Haven 273 Mossberg 173  
New Haven 273A Mossberg 173A  
New Haven 283 Mossberg 183     
New Haven 283D Mossberg 183D  
New Haven 284 Mossberg 173  
New Haven 285 Mossberg 185D-C    
New Haven 290 Mossberg 190D-A  
New Haven 250KB Mossberg 350KA  
New Haven 295 Mossberg 195D  
New Haven 385T Mossberg 385K  
New Haven 390T Mossberg 390  
New Haven 395T Mossberg 395K  
New Haven 485 Mossberg 385K  
New Haven 485T Mossberg 385KB  
New Haven 495T  Mossberg 395KB  

Sears 18 Mossberg 183K  
Sears 201 Mossberg 80  
Sears 202 Mossberg 80  
Sears 203 Mossberg 85  
Sears 204 Mossberg 83  
Sears 205 Mossberg 73  
Sears 206 Mossberg 70  
Sears 207 Mossberg 75  
Sears 210 Mossberg 85B  
Sears 211 Mossberg 83B  
Sears 212 Mossberg 73B  
Sears 213 Mossberg 75B  
Sears 215 Mossberg 85C  
Sears 216 Mossberg 83C  
Sears 217 Mossberg 75C  
Sears 218 Mossberg 73C  

Western Auto 312 Mossberg 395  
Western Auto 312AK Mossberg 395K  
Western Auto 316 Mossberg 390  
Western Auto 316 Mossberg 390T Thanks Solddaboat
Western Auto 316B Mossberg 390K Thanks Solddaboat
Western Auto 316K Mossberg 390K  
Western Auto 316BK Mossberg 390K  
Western Auto 325B Mossberg 385K  
Western Auto 325BK Mossberg 385K  
Western Auto 330B Mossberg 183  
Western Auto 330 Mossberg 183K  

Western Field 15 Mossberg 80  
Western Field 15A Mossberg 83  
Western Field 16 Mossberg 85     
Western Field 16A Mossberg 85A  
Western Field 17 Mossberg 73  
Western Field 17A Mossberg 73  
Western Field 18 Mossberg 75  
Western Field 18M Mossberg 75A Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 150 Mossberg 183 Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 150 Mossberg 183K  
Western Field 155 Mossberg 173  
Western Field 160 Mossberg 385K  
Western Field 170 Mossberg 395S  
Western Field 172 Mossberg 395K  
Western Field 173 Mossberg 395  
Western Field 175 Mossberg 385K  
Western Field 215A Mossberg 85  
Western Field M110 Mossberg 395K  
Western Field M150 Mossberg 183K  
Western Field M155 Mossberg 183D  
Western Field M170 Mossberg 395S  
Western Field M172 Mossberg 395K  
Western Field M173 Mossberg 395K  
Western Field M175 Mossberg 385K  
Western Field 04M-214A Mossberg 85C  
Western Field 04M-215A Mossberg 85  
Western Field 04M-215A Mossberg 85C Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 04M-216A Mossberg 83C  
Western Field 04M-217A Mossberg 75C Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 04M-218A Mossberg 73C  
Western Field 04M-715A Mossberg 85D Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 04M-716A Mossberg 83D Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 04M-717A Mossberg 75D Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 04M-718A Mossberg 73D Thanks Solddaboat
Western Field 40M-215A Mossberg 185  
Western Field 93M-210A Mossberg 85B  
Western Field 93M-211A Mossberg 83B  
Western Field 93M-212A Mossberg 73B  
Western Field 93M-213A Mossberg 75B  
Western Field 94M-217A Mossberg 75C  

Western Auto 312SB New Haven 395T  
Western Auto 316BB New Haven 390T  
Western Auto 325B New Haven 385T  
Western Auto 330B New Haven 183T  
Western Auto M150 New Haven 183T  
Western Auto M160 New Haven 385T