Mossberg 22 LR Rifle Photo Gallery

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Submitted by Frank A


Mossberg Model 44d with a number 8 mount (note case hardening) and a 4 scope, also see Franks Model 44US in the US Property section.

Submitted by Dennis J


Western Field 36D that he resurrected from the grave.  he actually had to take 2 guns that were parts guns to get one.  he bead blasted and polished all the metal and had it reblued.  Completely stripped and sanded down the stock and refinished.  Looks and shoots like a brand new gun now.  The 142 must have come from behind a barn door when he purchased it for $50.00, the barrel was completely full of dirt as was the scope.   The stock had turned black looking and was cracked.  The barrel was rusty but had no pits.  After many hours of work it is again a great working Mossy. Nice job on both rifles!

Submitted by Steve M

Steve's Model 46 with a "FULL" beavertail stock, catalog and other samples I have seen are "SEMI" beavertail, anyone seen one like this before?  Pretty sweet!

Submitted by Harry C


Harry's M46. He purchased this rifle at a local gun shop for $90! "It looked like she had not been cleaned in 30 years but everything was there. After a good strip and clean I have to say this is one of the best shooters I have ever owned!"  I'll say looks like a good deal to me!

Submitted by Kevin


Some of Kevin's rifles above.  Great job on the display!

Submitted by G. Armstong


Wards Western Field NO. 47A sports all original sights and a Weaver Model 29S.  This rifle came from the original owner, his grandfather.  Very nice example.

Submitted by Terry


Before photo's of Terry's M842 as purchased.


Above are after shots, rifle looks like it came out of the box!

Submitted by Brent


Model 50 early variation Flatback.

Submitted by Steve


Steve's 44US(c) has a Redfield peep sight and a Lyman globe sight , it's a pretty sweet target setup.

Submitted by Jack


The model L single shot, Martini type action.

Part of his Brownie collection, different variations on the model, if you would like to learn more on Brownies, check out Jacks updated article A Lesson in Brownies...Jack A. Myer


The Holy Grail of Brownies, NIB!

Here's the poop on the recently received Brownie. It appears it MAY not have actually been unfired. EXTREMELY hard to tell. I scrubbed the bores out and they're as shiny as any new gun you'd want to see. The firing pin has very sharp edges and there are no "dings" in the flat between the chambers to indicate it has been dry-fired.  Opening the action it is VERY tight - exactly like a NEW gun would be. There are no marks of any kind, stains, wear, or signs of rust anyplace on the finish. The bluing is 100%. Even the Extractor Rod's condition indicates it has never been used.  If you look really close, a couple of the screw slots show signs they've been removed. This may have been strictly out of curiosity rather than to repair or replace. The rather normal (unfortunately) burring of sharp edges around the side plates does not exist on this gun. All edges are still knife-edge sharp.  The right side grip has a barely discernible crack from the bottom screw escutcheon. The screw slot is not buggered so that grip may have been removed then tightened too hard when replaced. I will replace it with one of my old original grips with no cracks. I intend to replace the even slightly marked screw slot pieces as well with original, perfect screws.  Serial number indicates it probably came from the next to last year of production, 29733. Viewed with a 10X jeweler's loupe, the rifling at the chamfer of the muzzles, shows up very sharply. You can't say that about many guns.  The old cardboard box is the biggest disappointment. A previous owner has used what looks like black electrical tape to hold it together. It is only around the outer sides of the top so I'm going to look into the possibility of delicately removing it and repair it properly.

Submitted by Jim


Jim's B26M a Spiegel model made in 1941. It has a 23" barrel, the S-102 rear sight and the 101 front sight. It is drilled and tapped for the S-104 rear sight as well as 4 holes for the No7 scope as was common for the Spiegel guns. It does not have the two holes for a standard Mossberg scope mount. The stock has not been relieved for the S-104 sight. Weight is about 5 1/2 lbs. The sling swivels are not the quick detachable type.

Submitted by Brad


Wards Westernfield Model 38, cross references over to a Mossberg Model 21, this is an interesting rifle, it appears to have a Model 14 stock, whether the original owner changed it or this was factory from Mossberg I have no idea, front sight seems to be a No 1A reversed with the blade removed and a 17A mounted to it.  Very nice custom target rifle.  Anyone has a 1935 Wards Catalog, would like to see a photo of this rifle if it's available.

Submitted by "HRod"


HRod's odd ball No. 42, anyone have any info or have a similar marked rifle drop me a line.

Submitted by "RG Stryker"


Model 44b with a Lyman 438  scope.

Submitted by "Robert P"


Mossberg Model 45AS with Spiegel No. 7 with sunshade.


Mossberg Model S46M with Spiegel No. 7 with sunshade.


Wards Westernfield 14M 489B, looks like Mossberg had some left over S-121's lying around!


Model S42M with Spiegel No.7 with sunshade.


Top rifle, further left photo, top most rifle Wards Western Field 14M 499A that Robert has brought back to a great looking Mannlicher stocked Mossberg.  The 14M 499 cross references over to a Mossberg model 42M.


Submitted By "Steve E" 


Dakota Territory Gun Collectors "Collector Classic" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2nd Place for show on his 1st attempt!  Note the fantastic banner his wife made for the show.

Targo 42TR,125,44USa,144LSA,146B



B two piece bolt,B one piece bolt,C,25,26B


Submitted By "Nathan K"

Wards No. 45, catalog No.448, deluxe 1937 Mossberg model 42.

Submitted By "Dave M"


He traded a guy for a Playstation and games, what a find!  It is all original except the finish, he used tru oil to bring out the awesome grain in the stock. Also it has the original m4c scope in excellent condition.


Submitted by "Paul S"


Here is a restored Model 35, looks like it just came out of the gunshop in 1935!

Submitted by "Shane M"


Shane had one of these in his youth and wanted to find another one, well here it is a minty 142a with a M4D scope S130 peep and S101 front sight.  The last photo is of the awards Shane earned with his "Original rifle".

Submitted by "Kimmo S from Finland"


Seems to be a heavily modified Model 35A.  Can anyone identify the sights used on this rifle?

Submitted by "Paul E."


Mossberg 44US (SN: 1086XX).


Photographs of a 1st Place winning Mossberg Display at the Tri State Gun Collectors Show in Lima Ohio on May 5th & 6th 2007.  Displayed items are from the collections of Chuck Mann, Frank Siefer and Rodney Black.  Great job guys, Congratulations!!

Submitted by "MarkS"


Sweet looking display case he built for his Mossbergs over Christmas 06.

Top to Bottom: Mossberg Model 44B; Mossberg Model 44US Wards; Westernfield 04M 495B

Top to Bottom: Mossberg Model 42M; Mossberg Model 151M; Mossberg Model 151M; Mossberg Model 46M

Top to Bottom: Mossberg Model 46B; Early style. Mossberg Model 46B; latter style Mossberg Model 46B (a); Mossberg Model 46B (b)

A nice Model 46, Mark also has several other Mossberg's in his collection

Submitted by "Njanear"

A nice clean 377 "Plinkster", the original!

Submitted by "Wilfried from Canada"

He has owned this 352 K since 1958 (It's now Feb. 2006) It is a deathly accurate Rifle that shoots 100s at the Range with monotonous regularity.

Submitted by "Daniel from Toronto"

A pristine Model 320B!!

Submitted by "Gforcefab"

Custom 44US(b), resized for his little guy!

Wards Westernfield 04M-417 reconstructed youth model. 


An EXTENSIVE collection.


Above L-R, [1] Targo 42TR, [2] 42M(c), [3] 44US(c), [4] 46M(b), [5] S51M


Above L-R, [1] 142A, [2] 144LSA, [3] 144LSB, 144LSA, 44US(c), [4] 144LSB, [5] 151M(a)


Above L-R, [1] 151M(b), [2] 152, [3] New Haven 250C, [4] Westernfield 865A

Submitted by Mossbergman.

142A along with a Custom 142 Mannlicher.

The super rare and super nice 340M!  Thanks Mossbergman for a look at this highly sought after Mannlicher!

800BM in 243 to accompany the 340M!!  Nice pair of Mannlichers!

800AD in 308, yet another Mossberg high power!!  What detail, rollover cheek, rosewood accents a truly Deluxe model!


1700LS in 270 caliber.  Made for Mossberg by Howa, their Model 1500.


Try finding one of these, let alone in this condition Model L46A-LS!!  All you lefties keep drooling!!  Take a guess at how many of these were made??

Very nice looking 640KS, love the gold accents, only 2,395 of these beauties produced!

Very nice Brownie with the shell extractor still with the pistol.


 Targo 1A trap thrower, complete with paperwork NIB!!

Submitted by Mossberg22


L-R, [1] 46B purchased for $20, less bolt, peep and trigger guard, he has less than $100 invested.  [2] 152 purchased 52 years ago by his father, S100  factory front sight.  [3] 500A that was a X-mas gift when he was 12.  [4]  Mossberg22's gun collection.

Submitted by a Displaced Hoosier


S45A was purchased by Displaced Hoosiers father sometime between 1937&1938, the rifle is stamped "S45A", the "S" may mean "Special", "Spiegel" or "Scope" anyone have an answer?  A 7C8 scope is mounted on the rifle, it was repaired by Gil Parsons of Parsons Scopes of Ross, Ohio.  The scope was rather cloudy and is now in pristine condition.  The rifle is in completely original condition and a sweet shooter, all swivels and sights are intact and complete.

L-R, S45A, Wards model 40, 42A, 42B in fore ground 45A Hangtag and 7C8 scope instructions, close up scans of these items can be seen in the Scopes section and Models and Specs section.

Submitted by Gary from Ohio

151M-b with complete stock refinished (tung oil) and metal surfaces reblued.  Gary's father was the original owner.  All parts are intact and functional.

Submitted by Mosscoll


The Double Mint Twins, two fine examples of the Model B, and the first submission of not one but two Brownies!!


L-R, [1]&[2] The 46M(b) that started it all 44 years ago, this rifle has been pampered, with some custom inlaying and TLC.  [3] 44US Property, low serial number with Lyman sights.  [4] 46M(b) with Tasco 6x-18x scope.  [5] $48.00 142a.


L-R,  [1] 46M(b), 46M(b), 46M(b), 42M(c).  [2] 142a, 142a, 142a with modified 44US stock, 342K-a, 352K with beamshot laser sight "Frogging Special".  [3] 44US Government Property, 44US Government Property, Westerfield No. 43, 46B, 146B, 42T.  [4] 346K-a, Hawthorne Warrior M825, Westernfield 93M-495A, Westernfield No. 41, Westernfield No. 47a.  [5] Mosscoll Jrs. Collection, 640K-c Chuckster, 500E .410, 183D-c, Model B, Model B.

Submitted by ThePitbullofLove


Very clean 44(b), purchased for under $100 (stole it).  But being the PitbullofLove he's very generous and gave it to his brother, your mom interested in adopting another son?

Submitted by Motsky


Motsky joins the ranks of the few the proud the owners of a 340M!  If Motsky hasn't been answering his e-mails lately he wanted everyone to know he's entered into a 12 step program for Mossaholics.


144LSB with something Motsky picked up for $1.99 at a Government surplus auction, "The Hubble Telescope Attachment", used for flea detection before harvesting gray squirrels.


This was the 144 that almost wasn't, Motsky tried really hard to ignore this rifle, he even tried to get someone else to buy it, but it was destined to come home with him and he's glad it did, it's MINTY!!


(1) 42TR with smoothbore adapter. (2) & (3) 340TR purchased new by father but accessories have been lost over the years.


(1)  Mossy covered wall! Top-Bottom; 44US(a) 2nd most accurate, 144LSB waiting for scope, 144LSB [being sold on Gun Broker], 35B best shooter so far 1/2" 4 shot group at 100 yrds benchrested no wind Wolf match target ammo, 152 [being sold on Gun Broker], 151M(a) haven't shot it yet, 2 years now, 46M(a) the one that started it all.  (2)  35B with refinished stock by Ben Hayes.  (3)  46A with curly wood stock, found by accident and made another friend.  (4)  Close up of 44US(a).

Submitted by Redwing.


Redwings, Gorgeous Model 35 Target grade bolt action rifle!  L-R, (1.) Rifle with No. 1 ramp sight, No. 2 rear sight, No. 4 Micro sight, No. 6 Scope and mount.  (2.) Rarely seen "Mossberg"  marked hood.  (3.) Older style twist safety.  (4.) Front view sporting a Redfield 3200 target scope with a Havlin mount.


Submitted by HoosierDaddy.

Pair of 46b's!  Lower 46b with the detachable swivels still attached and seems to be sporting a No.6 quick detachable scope mount.


Model 44US(a) with M4d scope in a No. 8 mount, and  M1 web sling.  Special thanks to HoosierDaddy for all his help on ParallaxBill's site.

Submitted by Jim from Indiana.

A mess of Mannlichers!  Left to right: 151M-B, 46M-B, 46M(a), 42M-B(U.S. Property marked) & a 42M-C.

Model 46, Marked "No. 46".  Has Havlin scope mount.


Scoped model 152 with high capacity magazine & scoped 44U.S.(c) with aluminum trigger guard and Havlin scope mount.


Early production model 51M.  The breech plug is flat rather than the later conical shape. Rifle also has a tang safety which Jim believes was dropped in later production models.


The super rare and rarely seen Model L!

24" round barrel with adjustable sights, 4xx serial number.  The Peabody-Martini style drop breech receiver has a rebounding, manually operated hammer and "take-down" lever located on the left side of the frame.  Walnut beaver-tail style forearm and pistol grip stock with crescent steel butt plate.  Last photo was taken outdoors and shows true color of the furniture.

Submitted by Orvis.


One Cherry Mossberg model 46 bolt action repeater!

It has the original 2X brass scope (nice and clear) and No. 8A scope mount as well as original No.4A micrometer adjustable aperture peep sight, Lyman globe sight (I also have the original S-141 rear sight and No.1A front blade sight).  The stock was really dirty but in excellent condition.  All I did was clean the gunk off and give it a coating of tung oil; submitted by Orvis.

Submitted by Damguy


Mossberg 44U.S.(a);  U.S. Property; S/N 143XXX; S-100 Microclick; Lyman 17a Front; Factory Drilled and tapped for Scope mount; No. 8 mount; Weaver B6 with Litschert Spot-Shot 7/8 insert; M1 sling; aluminum trigger guard replacement.