Mossberg 22 LR US Property 44 Information


 Special thanks to FRANK A ,U.S.ARMY retired for the photo's of his Mossberg from CMP very close to new, it's a 44US(a) D&T, SN#139997

Doug P reports both the fire and safe buttons were replaced with rivets on his 44US(a) S/N 142,2XX.

Paul has recently discovered 2 ODCMP US44's with rivets in place of the safety buttons.  Speculation is this was done by an armorer sometime in the rifles life, using steel rivets (see below, I had originally thought they were aircraft aluminium), S/N's of rifles are 160,XXX range and 166,XXX range.  If anyone with US44 with this modification could e-mail with the S/N it would be appreciated.  Thanks Paul for bringing this to our attention.

Dennis J has a 44US parkerized with S/N 116320.   See below pics.   The buttons on this one are steel not aluminum as I put a magnet to them.  My son has the NWSC0002 (you recently posted this in the NWSC section) and I believe it also has metal buttons.  


I recently obtained some of my fathers mementos from his days in the Navy (Korean War Veteran USS Block Island CVE-106) and came across some US44 photographs and information that I thought maybe interesting.  All photos are from the US Naval Training Center Great Lakes, IL; Companies 297-298 from 1949.

Pop, Company 298, 1949


Each recruit learns to fire a rifle and pistol.  An M-1 rifle is issued to each man in the company for the use in learning the firing positions.  Actual fire in the rifle range buildings is done with .22 rifles and .45 pistols.  Check out those Mossys!!

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