Mossberg 22 LR US Property 42M-B Information

In June 1941 O.F. Mossberg received the first government prime contract for a .22 caliber training rifle.  That rifle was the model 42M-B bolt action repeater.



22 s, l, lr, 7 shot detachable boxed magazine.  23" barrel.  Weight 6.75 lbs.   Plain two-piece birch Mannlicher type stock with walnut finish, pistol grip and quick detachable swivels.  No. 4 micro click receiver sight, No. S101 hooded ramp front sight.  S102 rear sights were on early production models but discontinued as the military removed them.  "United States Property" stamped on barrels and receivers.  Most rifles were sent to Britain under the "Lend Lease" program and British Proof Marks abound on these specimens.  The 42M-B's were serial numbered 2,501 to 46,000.  This was the first time Mossberg used serial numbers since the "Letter" designated rifles.  After the war most of the "lend Lease" rifles were returned to the United States and some were returned "Sporterized", with various British so called "improvements".  See Micro Click Sights for a Parker Hale example.

42MB(a) Lend Lease Navy

Special thanks to Waffenamt for the great photo's!



    Hand filed large arrow with the letter "N" next to it designates Navy service.

    Crown over initials BNP indicate Birmingham Proof House.

    .22LR .610" indicates caliber of rifle.

    8 TONS PER rectangle symbol indicates Nitro Proof.

    Crossed flags separated by 3 letters indicates date stamp.

42MB Lend Lease with Sentencing Marks


     A question was asked as to the reason for the paint daubs, here is the answer:  The daubs are sentencing marks indicating that it was examined and found wanting for something but it was good enough to store pending repair.  It could be as simple as a missing sight or it does not have the latest upgrade.  The Mossberg's were factory rebuilt in 1948 and fitted with Parker Hale rear sights.  Yours may have been scheduled for the upgrade and was surplused out before it could be done.  Rifles having been updated to the post war specification have the wartime code for the upgrade company and year date stamped on the receiver ring.  They wanted a receiver sight as the .22s were to duplicate the sighting setup on the No.4 rifle.  Thanks Mossberman for the photo's and information.

42M-B Production Numbers, Dates and Contract Numbers

    Date                Contract Number                        Quantity                Unit Price                Serial Number

    6/30/41            DAW-478-ORD-9                    10,000                    $10.00                    2501-10000

  *6/12/41            DAW-478-ORD-187                  8,000                    $12.00                  10001-18000

    3/27/42            DAW-478-ORD-439                20,000                    $13.49                  18001-18001A


    6/22/42            DAW-478-ORD-531                Parts                   $4258.00                 

**1/01/43            W-478-ORD-3077                     5,000                    $13.49                  38001-43000

**3/01/43            W-478-ORD-3239                     3,000                    $13.49                  43001-46000

  *Contract delayed while rifles were serial numbered.

**Some rifles were stamped 42M-B(a) due to an extractor change.