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Animated Flag flying for  (Federal Observed) is Friday November 12, 2018

Veterans Day is held on the anniversary of the armistice that ended the First World War -- the so-called "Great War".

Animated American Flag - lots of info about the US Flag
*Other Sites & Miscellaneous
Veterans Day @ The Holiday Zone - arts, crafts, poetry, for students
Veterans Day From Wikipedia
Veterans Day from VA - history, photos, FAQ
Chronology of US Military Engagements - POW, MIA & Unaccounted-For - create a tribute for a loved one.


Navy battle Summaries
Quotes on War and Peace
Chronology of US Military Engagements

*American Revolution 1775 to 1784
American Revolution From Wikipedia - Origins, war, after the war, Revolution beyond America
The American Revolution - history and details about parks related to the Revolution

*War of 1812 - The War of 1812 was, in a sense, a second war of independence
War of 1812 From Wikipedia - Causes, operations & battles, Consequences
War of 1812-1814 - all aspects of battles, causes, weapons and people
The War Of 1812 - Major Battles

*Mexican-American Wars 1846 to 1848
Mexican War
US Mexican War - companion site to the PBS documentary

*Civil War 1861 to 1865
The American Civil War Homepage - very thorough, informative site
American Civil War From Wikipedia - Origins of the conflict, Major battles, Aftermath
Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page
American Civil War Texts - 100's of source documents including diaries, letters, speeches
Time Line of the Civil War
Letters Home from an Iowa Soldier in the U. S. Civil War
Behind the Stone Wall - 360 degree views of most famous battlefields.
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - database of facts about Civil War Vets

*Spanish American War 1898 to 1902
Spanish-American War
Spanish-American War From Wikipedia - Background, Theaters of operation, Aftermath
Spanish - American War Preview Page - ship profiles and illustrations
Key West U.S. Battleship Maine Centennial Commission - 1898 to 1998 Key West Florida

*World War I 1917 to 1918
World War I - Trenches on the Web
Archives of WWI Documents
Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century - PBS interviews, maps, photographs and an interactive timeline.
World War I From Wikipedia - Causes, Eastern Front, Russian Revolution, Aftermath
Encyclopedia about World War I

*World War II 1941 to 1945
Air Raid Pearl Harbor - images before and after
D-Day - a much bigger undertaking than most people realize.
World War II From Wikipedia - Causes, Chronology, Aftermath
The Pearl Harbor Survivors Project

*Korean War 1950 to 1955
Korean War From Wikipedia - Origins, Legacy, Atrocities and war crimes
Korean War Project Homepage
The Korean War - Introductory Overview and Special Image Selection
The Korean War

*Vietnam War 1964 to 1975
Vietnam War From Wikipedia - Background, Tet Offensive, Aftermath
Vietnam Stories
Vietnam Veterans Home Page
Vietnam Pictures

*Persian Gulf War 1990-1991
Gulf War From Wikipedia - Causes, air/ground campaigns, Consequences
The Persian Gulf War
Gulf War from PBS - information on machines, soldiers, and more
GWVRP - Tracings in the Sand
Diaries from the Persian Gulf War
From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf
Gulf War I by PBS

*Attack On America - September 11, 2001
A new Day of Infamy

*War in Afghanistan 2001–present
War in Afghanistan from From Wikipedia
War in Afghanistan - News stories and reports. From Guardian Unlimited.
*Iraq War 2003 - present
Iraq War From Wikipedia - justifications, invasion, occupation, Sovereignty restored
War in Iraq by CNN
 Marching Bands
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