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Mountain Top Township Munincipal Buildings and Equipment
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Wright Fire station

Wright 1989 Pierce Ladder (sold?)

Wright 2002 Pierce rescue 2000gpm 500gwt

Wright 1999 Pierce Quantum 2000gpm 1000gwt

Wright 1995 Simon Duplex LTI 102ft Tower 2000gpm 300gwt

Wright Brush 1985 Chevy

Wright brush tanker

Wright 1984 MackTanker

Wright Fire Police POV

Wright Twsp

Fairview Fire

Fairview 2012 Pierce Pumper 1750 gpm 1000 gal

Fairview 2014 Pierce (impel) 1750/1000

Fairview 2004 Piece Dash Resuce #1

Fairview 2012 Ford F350 Utility

Fairview Police #323

Mtop EMS 532-A Ford

Mtop EMS 532-B Ford E450

Mtop EMS 532-C Ford E450

Nuangola Fire

Nuangola 2004 International KME 1500 gpm 1500 gwt

Nuangola 1992 KME 1250 GPM 1000 gwt
ex White Haven

Nuangola 1976 Young Crudader 1250gpm 300gwt

Slocum Fire

Slocum 2006 International KME tanker

Slocum Command Ford e350 Braun

Slocum 2000 International Central States 1500gpm 1000gwt

Slocum 1975 International Squad

Slocum EMS 576-2 2008 Ford/Medix 166 Metro Express

Slocum 576-1 2003Ford Braun Chief XL E450

Slocum 1968 Jeep Utility

Slocum 1971 International Brush

Slocum 2009 Kubota ATV

Slocum 1990 Ford Saulsbury Rescue X-Dingman Twp.

Dorrance Fire

Dorrance Twsp

Dorrance 1992 International Rescue

Dorrance 2001 Pierce Dash 1750gpm 1000gwt

Dorrance 1995 Ford Tanker

Dorrance EMS 1999 Ford E-350, Type 3 Modular

Dorrance 2000 Pierce Dash Walk In Rescue

Dorrance 1982 Chevy Brush

Rice Twsp
Wright Twsp PD | Wright Township VFD | Mountain Top Hose Co. #1 | Hobbie VFD
Rice Twsp | Slocum Twsp | Nuangola FD | Nuangola PD | Dorrance Fire
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