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Fire House Hose Co
, West Pittston PA 1907
Norma Duddy

Pittston Rivers

First M E Church
, West Pittston 1912

First Presbyterian Church
, Exeter St., West Pittston

Main Street
, Pittston PA 1910

Main Street
, Pittston PA 1909

Main Street, Looking North
, Pittston PA

Main Street
, Pittston PA

N. Main Street
, Pittston PA 1907

South Wyoming Ave
, Pittston PA

York Ave
, Pittston PA 1905

York Ave
, Pittston PA 1908

York & Susquehanna Ave
, Pittston PA

Water Street
, Pittston PA 1905

Water Street & Bridge
, Pittston PA 1907

Fox Hill Country Club
, W. Pittston PA

Knitting Mills
, W. Pittston PA 1918

Luzerne Ave looking west
, Pittston PA 1911

Susquehanna River
, Pittston PA 1908

West Side
, Pittston PA 1914

West Side
, Pittston PA

Town & River View
, Pittston PA 1907

Jenkins Fort Stone Marker
, W Pittston PA

Pittston Candy Works
, Pittston

River St
, W Pittston 1906

S. Main St
, Pittston

St Johns RC Church
, Pittston 1905

People's Union Savings Bank
, Pittston 1910

North Main St
, Pittston

Susquehanna & York Ave.
, W. Pittston c1910

Exeter St
, W. Pittston 1908

Golden Jubilee
, W. Pittston Hose Co.1857-1907

Golden Jubilee
, W. Pittston .1857-1907

Golden Jubilee, Kitchner Biscuit Co,
Pittston PA 1907

Father Matthews Parade
, Pittston 1913

Wilson House
Pittston PA 1911

N. Main St
Pittston PA 1911

Corner of Delaware and Susquehanna Ave
West Pittston, PA

Susquehanna Ave
West Pittston, PA

West Pittston, PA 1910

Pittston yard and bridge
Pittston PA 1910

LWV Pittston Station
Pittston PA

Railroad bridge
Pittston PA

Hatzel furniture
Pittston PA

Woolworth Store
Main St, Pittston PA

Lehigh Valley engine mine cave-in
Pittston PA 1914

Susquehanna Ave.
West Pittston PA 1920

Dime Savings Bank
West Pittston PA 1917

Seneca Street Walk
West Pittston PA 1909

Luzerne Avenue looking West
Pittston PA 1909

Susquehanna River View
Pittston PA 1905

Ledge & Coxton RR bridge
Pittston PA 1907

Birdseye view
Pittston PA 1907

St. Casimir's Church
Pittston PA 1922

Main St
Pittston PA 1961

Susquehana Ave
W. Pittston PA 1961

Pittston Jct PA

John W. Campbell

LV Pittston PA 1913

LV Station & Bridge
, Pittston 1908

LV Pittston PA 1908

Norma Duddy

DLW station
, W. Pittson, PA 1907
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