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Hart-Miller Island Anchorage  Hart-Miller Island Park

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Hart Miller Island is near the mouth of Middle River. Both islands were joined by filling in the water between them with sand. A stone dike was built on the harbor side to serve as a landfill for the dredging operations in Baltimore Harbour. As you can see from the photos, it is the most popular anchorage on the bay. Some come in canoes, while others stop on their cruise down the bay. There are well maintained camp sites for the smaller boats to go ashore for the night, and it is well protected from most high winds.
Ranger StationThis Ranger Station has a 3-story observation tower and excellent restroom facilities AnchorageA view looking from the water to the Ranger Station. Some of these boats will anchor here for the night.
Anchorage 2It's a popular spot. There are usually 100-300 boats on this small shore on the weekends. On the weekdays, the water is crystal clear, and the sand extends for 500 yards off shore. Snow ConesWith 300 boats, the food "taxi's delivery everything from steak and pizza to T-shirts.
TrucksTrucks like this move dirt from this end of the natural island to the north end to raise the dikes. DikeRoad beside the dike leading to the north end.
Camp SiteThere are 7-10 well maintained camp sites in the woods for those who wish to stay the night. The fee is modest, and the bugs are minimal. OspreyThis Osprey nest is high atop the radio tower at the ranger station
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