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Autumn on  Mountaintop
Fall Foliage on the Web

One of the greatest shows in the natural world occurs yearly, from mid-September to mid-November, as turning leaves paint the Autumn landscape.

Click for Photo by Bill Levinson

SW  Mountaintop

"When days grow short(main factor) and nights are cool, trees fail to produce enough chlorophyll pigments. As demand outstrips supply, the leafy green begins to fade. That allows other pigments -- which have been present in the leaf all along -- to show through the fading green."(1) At the same time, cool nights trap sugar in the leaves and this forms a red pigment. "Brilliant coloration requires warm, sunny fall days accompanied by nighttime temperatures falling below 45°F. If the weather is cloudy or rainy and the days and nights warm, trees will develop poor red color."(2)

"The most intense of fall color occurs in in areas such as New England, with almost pure stands of a few types of trees, such as maples and birches, that all turn color at the same time during the short fall season. The most varied fall color, as well as the longest lasting, occurs in areas such as the southern Appalachians, where a dozen or more kinds of trees may change color at slightly different times over the longer fall season."(3) Fall

Fall Color Hotline from the Forest Service
Autumn in Pennsylvania

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  1. Ohio's Fall Color
  2. Landscaping For Fall Color by University of Delaware
  3. Fall Foliage Facts

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