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(Western) Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ash Wednesday is March 6, 2019
Palm/Passion Sunday is April 14, 2019
Good Friday is April 19, 2019
"At first it was tied directly to the Jewish calendar. The reason it is base on the Jewish calendar is because, according to the Bible, the death of Christ occurred on a Friday the day after Jewish Passover (last supper) and his resurrection on the following Sunday. At one time it was observed 3 days after Passover and later the Sunday following Passover. . . They were trying to break with the fact that Jesus was Jewish because the church was persecuting the Jews at the time.... The Easter parade comes from the time when young unmarried virgins would be lead around the village to indicate they were ready to be married and bare children." per Larry Freeman

Easter in Cyberspace: A Christian Perspective

Easter For Kids

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