The Tubs

The Tubs is a natural area located a few hundred yards off Route 115 as it descends into Wyoming Valley. Perhaps ten or fifteen years ago, a friend of mine and an environmental activist named Linda Stallone, spearheaded a campaign to clean up the area and protect it, while making it accessible to visitors. I admired this objective and remember giving her some counsel at the time, although I had never experienced The Tubs. Her campaign succeeded. Roll the clock forward to May 2002, when another friend of mine, Michelle Hryvnak, and I were discussing the relative merits of the natural areas on her side of the Valley and mine. She asked if I had ever seen The Tubs. I told her no, and immediately resolved to do so. I had been by the access road hundreds times, but had never ventured to explore the fruits of my old friend's efforts. I resolved to do so the very next day. As it happens, there had been by some accounts over six inches of rain in a very localized area that drains into The Tubs on the day we were having this conversation, and this turned out to be very propitious.

I hope you enjoy these photographs, with my thanks to Linda (long overdue) and Michelle.

© Frank Burnside Jr. 2002