A Walk Around the Lake
Lake Scranton - August 2, 2002

Yes, you can get to this cache the back way by parking at the end of a cul-de-sac in a rahther posh housing development. If you decide to do this, look for the sneakers hangin' up over the wire. That's what they do to you if you try and sneak in by a more direct route - they highjack your sneakers. So I don't recommend it - not because you will lose your sneakers, but because you'd miss...
A Walk Around the Lake!

You see? No sooner do you leave the parking lot do you realize what a nice afternoon walk this is going to be.

And then before long you round a corner and see a bridge right out of Robin Hood!

And the rocks! The rocks have, well... character!

I mean look at this thing! Think of it as a cloud. What do you see? An eagle? E.T.?

And how often do you see a rock with a receding hairline?

Okey, it's a dam. And if the damn dam weren't there, it wouldn't be a lake at all - just a nice creek. So it's not a real lake, like Harvey's Lake - my lake - but it's a dam fine lake all the same. No motorboats or JetSkis, for one thing, and that counts for something.
And this dam - well, it's a damn fine dam! Thanks to the Scranton Water and Gas Company and their board of directors, not forgetting Darlene!

The lake was integrated in the late 60's.

One expects to see a phalanx of knights in shining armour emerge from the woods and storm the castle!

The objective in hand... a nice cache!
Bug heaven!

Waiting out the shower, which conveniently arrived while I was near the only roof in sight.
You reach in there. I ain't reachin' in there!

This regal lady would not stop to talk. She looked at me for a few moments with a curious eye, then trotted off. I think perhaps she was looking for someone else.

Wouldn't this be just the spot for a small, intimate soireée?
Drop a single seed into a crack in a rock, and it will eventually win.
A sylvan table fit for a king,...
...with a delightful view.

And so we leave Lake Scranton with your choice of a Kandinski view of Nature, or...
Nature as perhaps she'd rather be seen.

With thanks to jon3bek and girls, cachiers extraordinaire!

© Frank Burnside Jr. 2002